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The last to leave the nest

Did they even have three year old kindy ten years ago? My girls never attended. It was around, but not many centres offered it. Now with year sevens leaving Primary schools to be taught at High Schools, and the changes in starting school age in WA, they have become the norm.

Master x and I spent an hour being orientated to his three year old kindy this morning. He happily did every oneof their puzzles, and challenged himself by taking the numbers from the puzzles and putting together his own numbers. “Look Mum, there is no number ten so I will make one with the one and the zero. Now I will make number 38 and number 42”.

He explored the outdoors and gave his approval of the slide and the water tray. He bounced across the wobbly bridge, although he couldn’t understand why children kept jumping the queue as he waited for each one to finish, so he could have a go.

He did a wee in the tiny toilets and we read the sign that said “Please flush the toilets.” He flushed four times, just to make sure.

The verdict? “I like kindy Mummy, can I come back tomorrow?”

How will I cope leaving him for 2 1/2 hours next week? All.by.himself?

4 Responses

  1. That is just too cute!! You forget how handsome and grown up he is becoming being with him every day. Greta pics. Miss you all xx

  2. Oh I hear you! My eldest boy (who started school today!) did four year old kinder, not three year old. But my youngest is starting three year old kinder next year! X sounds like he’s got it sorted and he will do fine! The question is, how will YOU be?

  3. Wow, he is such a blend now. I see Greg, Gabriel, darrin. He is beautiful! And I love his tshirt xxx lily started kinder today, and Gabriel school. A big day for us all xxx

  4. Hey Vanessa, I just was thinking of you and thought I’d pop in. It’s been so long since I heard anything from you? How is X’s pre-kinder? Are you finding you have some time to yourself? How are you filling in your time? Anyhow, just thinking of you, and hoping all is okay in your world. xx

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