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Happy New Year or the one where I am still deciding on my word

Where is my time going right now? Christmas was a week of lovely, and I have so many photos to upload and share, maybe a quick collage tomorrow?

Did you notice all of my Christmassy posts almost daily until the tenth of December when I dropped the bauble? I have just started a paper business and I did not post even one Christmas card! I handed out hand made ones to local friends, and popped some into interstate presents but that was it. Sheesh.

Yes as I mentioned I have been in a whirlwind with two girlfriends as we navigate our way around starting a new business. It is so exciting and we have achieved so much in such a short time. Our vision is becoming clearer and it is full steam ahead. Our business partner and designer is in her element with her new sense of freedom and you should check out some of her amazing creations in the coming month.

Holiday time is always special around here and I spend time with my children which I cherish. So that takes me away from the computer, juggling time with them, homme and now late at night planning, ordering, creating, accounting for our new business. They are really excited and supportive of my new venture and all the years I have spent putting their needs first has paid off with their genuine support now.

I have also hit the ground of 2012 running as far as renovations and home maintenance are concerned. Yesterday I spent all day from 8am until 5pm renovating our second toilet in the studio. Nail holes in the panelled ceiling were filled and sanded, the wooden louvre window undercoated and painted, walls given final coats of paint, the panelled barn style door we reclaimed from the original laundry was sanded and painted, cornices cut and glued into place (by homme) and finally after a clean up, I framed a series of photos taken of bridges in Paris (oh how I now appreciate a good bridge) and asked homme to hang them for me. It all looks so amazing. Sadly I ran out of paint to finish the topcoat on the ceiling so have to wait until next weekend to finish up.

As I sit out here in my lovely little studio, it is my happy place right now. Surrounded by new product and creations for our business I am happy. My word for 2011 was create. And create I did. I continued to plod away at home maintenance and renovating, my garden which is being admired by passersby. I got into a real zone with my scrapbooking and have seen great results in not only the number of completed layouts, but the style developing and growing. Christmas was a real handmade affair for me. I made card and envelope sets in handmade boxes for so many lovely ladies in my life, jars of prunes in port for the lovely men and gifts of home made fudge, chocolate christmas bark, cookies in jars and more. I hand made the tags for gifts and enjoyed wrapping each gift in brown paper and string. I feel I created strong bonds with my special four people and made new friendships. I had no idea that with three weeks left of 2011 I would be creating a new business!

So that brings me full circle to this year’s word… Several words have been buzzing in my head and then just this morning Purpose settled in my mouth. It hasn’t left me all day and yet I am not sure I fully understand the implications. But I think I will stick with it – purpose. To live a life of purpose. After enjoying Multiple Mum’s year of Nothing New last year I challenged my family to a month of nothing new for January. We all feel we have been more than blessed with our Christmas gifts and need for nothing. So apart from the essentials of food and toiletries, no new “stuff”will come into our lives. I ran out of dishwasher tablets two days ago and forgot to buy more. We have resorted to hand washing and I really enjoy this time to chat over our chore. Miss e aged ten decided we should not buy any more for January – I am not sure how long the novelty will last but good on her for accepting the challenge.

So as I stumble into 2012, I will be making things up as I go along. Thinking of a monthly project for our family – suggestions greatly accepted.

I look forward with so much hope. The past two years have taught me the lesson that young people, people I really care for can die. They can become seriously ill and show me a courage I have not seen before. My special wish for 2012 is a speedy recovery for my friend Rachel who has endured open heart surgery, collapsed lung, reintubation, a tracheostomy, and a pleural embolism since her stroke 8 weeks ago. Her husband and her girls inspire me whenever they are around. My wish is to see her back home with her family.

Happy New Year to all who pop in here for a chat or a glance. May it bring you happiness.


Crazy Christmas Caper

An opportunity came up recently to jump in feet first.

I have teamed up with two gorgeous ladies who love all things paper as much as I do and we have today, launched our crazy little dream.

With the closing down of our favourite and most local scrapbooking store we have started our own business called all things paper. We are chasing our tails in this pre Christmas time getting our business registered, ABN sorted and sourcing product. We are yet to find a retail location which suits but today we launched our website and calendar of events. We will be starting off with a 12 hour scrapbooking day followed by classes, in a local hall.

Our heads are spinning but we are oh so excited. We have big ideas and our creative juices are flowing. Our online store will be open in the New Year which includes party items and custom made stationery.

So if you are so inclined, check out the very beginnings of our adventure, three mums hand in hand, seeing where this will lead.

all things paper 

If you are local, come say hi at one of our classes, we would love to meet you.

It was inevitable

I should have realised he was being very quiet. I first noticed the stool by the fireplace.

Then I turned to see the sprinkling of shiny, metallic paper pieces, and some stray chocolate balls.

I climbed up on the stool for a new perspective. Day ten and he must have thought that dragging out this Advent calendar thing was too much like hard work.

Cards for class

Miss e and I have been busy making class Christmas cards. In the past we have created our own cards and she has proudly handed them out, sans any sugary treat. I have always resented the twenty odd candy canes and chocolates she receives with her cards, but this year I took the “if you can’t beat ém then join ém” approach.

We made all her classmates, her two teachers, and her year one buddy a reindeer card, with red M&Ms for the nose.


It is tradition at her school to post the cards in a lovely, red, wooden Santa’s mailbox. The year 7s deliver the mail to each class after lunch. Miss e eagerly took them into school today and when I collected her, she told me that the joy she felt on seeing  her classmates’ faces was quickly replaced by a little pang when every one of them ripped apart the card to eat the M&Ms. They took us both hours to make!

I was so proud of the effort she made to write a unique and meaningful message on the back of each card. Here is one example…

(I will excuse her grammatical and spelling errors, after all it is Christmas).

Published author in the house!

As my long term readers will know, 2009 was the year of homme writing his first book. It was finished and at the publisher’s in March, with the publishing date being October.

It was published, and the first run was sold out before it reached Australia! Can you imagine!

Homme has been waiting with baited breath to get a copy in his hands. He has had many, many requests from his clients. Well finally this week, he received his six free copies. And he is chuffed.

I am not a writer. I have no ambition to write anything more than a blog post. But I can see the passion in him and I am so proud for him to have his first book in print. He is very talented in his field of expertise and should feel really chuffed to see his thoughts and ideas on paper.

His publisher has already requested a second book from him and the outline is already with them.

Now if only he had the same confidence to share one of his novels….

Christmas bunting

The Christmas bunting seen in yesterday’s post is gorgeous is it not? I can’t take any of the creative credit for it. Sure, I put it all together, but I attended a craft session and was instructed on how to assemble it. It fits perfectly across our fireplace (Christmas shrine?)

Here is a close up:

It is made entirely from cardstock cut out on the Cricut, with ribbon to attach the sections.

I love me some bunting. I create it for birthday parties and miss e and master x have cloth bunting zig zagging across their bedroom ceiling all year round.

Oh Christmas tree

I love the Christmas tree! I keep the sparkly lights on whenever I am home. As is our tradition we purchase a new ornament each to place on the tree, every year. Our ornaments are ecclectic and loved. Each one triggers a memory and my all time favourites are the paper doily angels my girls made in Kindy. They have a photo face as the head of the angel. They are tatty and gaudy and the girls tried to hide them at the back of the tree this year but I wanted them front and centre.

They don’t bring home hand made trinkets any more, and it makes me sad. Master x starts pre kindy next year so another round will begin.