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Eye Candy or the one where you get to talk to men in very little clothing – part one

Miss i’s school opened their new outdoor swimming pool last year after many years of building. It is as environmentally sound as a pool can be with a bore travelling something like 2km underground to a naturally heated aquifer which is used to heat the pool naturally and also provides the energy to air-condition surrounding school buildings. It is an amazing venue.

We have been spending the best part of our holidays at the pool each morning. Miss i has been swimming with the school squad which offers free coaching three days per week . Miss e has been booked into lessons every day. Master x and I do puzzles or play games in the stands and he gets to have a small swim when they both finish.

Last week the school squad had the privilege of watching some Olympians train in their pool. Geoff Huegill addressed the girls before he jumped into the pool himself. HeĀ is such a lovely guy! He talked about how he loved swimming but actually never won a National Age medal until he was 17 years old. He spoke of his success in the pool representing Australia, his retirement from the sport and his subsequent weight gain, and coming back to swimming to get his life back on track. He emphasized that if you enjoy anything in life then enjoy it regardless of winning.

My question is how do you lose 50kg and have no stretch marks??? or wobbly skin???

Head coach Grant Stoelwinder was generous with his teaching and talked the girls through the techniques he was using. He then took the girls for training. Miss i said she learnt lots of new skills. Geoff gave them some butterfly drills to do which looked painful, then Eamon Sullivan and Matthew Abood took the girls for skills on relay changeovers. They all got to have a go with the boys passing on valuable tips.

Eamon and miss i

All of the swimmers were very generous with their time and advice. They willingly gave autographs and had photos taken, and even moved their towel a little so I could get the Olympic ring tattoo in the shot…