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It was inevitable

I should have realised he was being very quiet. I first noticed the stool by the fireplace.

Then I turned to see the sprinkling of shiny, metallic paper pieces, and some stray chocolate balls.

I climbed up on the stool for a new perspective. Day ten and he must have thought that dragging out this Advent calendar thing was too much like hard work.

Winter is here!

Rain has been forecast for the next five days or so. We have been looking forward to it since the end of last week. I ran myself ragged yesterday ‘preparing for the rain’. How weird is that??

Rain around here has been very rare. Perth dams are at 23% capacity and the last two times it has rained, I have felt that same feeling you feel when you are bone dry thirsty, and you drink a whole glass of water. The dry feeling in the back of my throat has been quenched, if only momentarily.

So with the prospect of a rainy week, I put a plan into action. I planted more climbing roses, weeded, mowed and planted lilipillies on the verge. I finished painting the metal rolladoor to our garage. No longer faded federation green, but a fresh coat of shale grey, to match the gutters of the house. I packed away outside toys which won’t be needed. I sorted through our garage which is underground and leaks. Imperative that all of the items were watertight and stacked. I mulched garden beds after applying wetting agent, hoping the sandy soils will take up the rain.

I rotated master x’s toys. I brought the sun shelter up from the garage with plans to set it up as a tent in the lounge room when cabin fever sets in, as well as the tub containing his large chugginton train set. I located our umbrellas and set them up near the front door. I kept the washing machine going all day to keep abreast of it.

I cleaned the pool and brought outside cushions in. I cleaned the house so that I can set myself one task-a-day while it rains, and treat myself to some blogging and scrapping time.

Well, the rain arrived as scheduled. We woke to cold, blustery rain. I had a skip in my step, feeling very chuffed with myself that I was organised. Bring it on I say. I packed lunchboxes with homemade chocolate and coconut muffins (fructose free) and freshly popped popcorn (just call me domestic goddess) and bundled my girls off to school, rugged up against the weather.

Master x and I completed an outing to the supermarket and came home to play trains and puzzles. As I sit here at my  computer, lamb shanks in lentil and onion stew are braising in the oven. A bottle of red wine sits patiently on the bench awaiting dinner time. I have completed my task for today – to clean my pantry, and as soon as I hit publish, I am off to scrapbook.

Don’t you just love the times in your life when everything is lined up? When you are ahead of the crazy game of life, and can just enjoy it?

Before I go, I will leave you with some photos taken last week. Playing in the sunshine at the park, a common event after we drop the girls off at school.

How old are you?

We have had much joy in asking master x this question for the past six days. “Two,” he answers with these two fingers in the air. Too cute.

Yesterday he had his birthday party. We had talked about it all week and he had closely studied the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book and his beloved train cake. No pressure Mum.

So I was a little nervous about making this cake. I have been known to have very late nights mornings when I make novelty birthday cakes. Homme and I had a night out planned on Saturday night, so I had to put together this masterpiece on the morning of his party. Yikes. I must say that this recipe was pretty easy in the end. It all went to plan and the main time consuming thing about making it, was the decorating. Miss i assisted with assembling and I must say, it turned out pretty well. IfIdosaysomyself.

To say the birthday boy loved it is an understatement! We spent most of the party distracting him from sticking his fingers in the blue carriage. We had to bring forward the whole birthday cake celebration. Do you think he loved the attention, and the blue icing?

Although he has practiced all week how to blow out the candles, he piked out at the last minute and needed Mum to help.

Our little man got some really cool presents. He spent the early part of his party pushing around his little wheelbarrow from Granny and Grandad, spent time by the pool with his new tea set, would not put down his replica rubbish truck with its mini wheelie bins. Later he checked out his new dump truck (although he was not interested in actually opening the box until today). It would have to be said that the big boys at the party were most excited by the huge military set.

Finally I want to share the table decorations and party bags I made using my Cricut, to brighten up the party.

We didn’t manage a family photo (not without trying) on the day and homme flew out on the ‘red eye’ to Brisbane so we will have to reinact a photo shoot later in the week.

Only twelve days until the next birthday party….

Happy birthday TWO you

 It was 5am on Sunday the 29th March 2009 when my waters broke and I became excited that today was the day I was going to meet you.  At 11.15am you came into this world, your birth witnessed by your two big sisters. A boy. A beautiful and oh so pretty boy. Weighing 4.5kg you were the most perfect baby and we fell in love with you instantly.

How quickly these past years have flown. From an adorable, chubby baby, to an active toddler. You rolled from your tummy to your back at 6 weeks and there was no stopping you from then. Crawling at nine months and taking your first steps on the day of your first birthday. Today, all you do is run. We delight in seeing you stomp around the house, runnng with your knees high.

You have loved to be pushed in this car since you were seven months old. Now, you scoot around the courtyard yourself, zooming around the potted orange tree and often with passengers. Yesterday it was Lola, today two plastic carrots sat by your side on the seat. When you have finished driving, you park it between the potted gardenias.

You are my navigator in the car. You remember the journey each day and can describe the landmarks to both girls’ schools. You were disappointed that the roadworks had finished last week and exclaimed “Where are the trucks gone?” But as we drive you tell us where to see the train, the kites (kite surfers on the beach), where to buy chicken and chips (Red Rooster) and the carwash. When we are a block away from each school you can tell which school we are going to. You describe the girls’ ballet locations by the different playgrounds located at each school. You know when it is time to drive miss A to her kindy on Thurs mornings and assist her by pulling her wheely school bag up to her classroom.

You are an avid reader and have always loved your books. Your bedtime routine includes reading a book in bed and then singing two songs. We can then kiss you goodnight and walk out without a problem. My favourite time of the day however, is naptime when sometimes I choose to snuggle with you and watch you fall asleep. After  a morning of outdoor play you no longer smell like a sweet baby. You have a sticky, sweaty, boy smell, and I am addicted. I look at your bruised shins, the dirt under your fingernails (which seems permanent) and your downy, damp blonde hair. When I finally exticate myself from yout little bed, you always have a book tucked in under your arm.

Always with a mission in mind, you are happy to play in your own company, but take every opportunity to recruit your big sisters to assist in your games. Currently you love to play with miss i’s ipod touch and mostly listen to her Glee music. Your absolute favourite song is Empire State of Mind (or as you call it, Boo, Boo, Baa, Baa – and it certainly sounds like they are the last words of the song). You go into her room each morning and make your music request which is accommodated by her. You have always loved listening to music in the car. We have 5 cds in rotation, mostly singing nursery rhymes and kiddie songs. The Glee cd has made it’s way to the car also and you often like a break from The wheels on the Bus, to listen to something with more of a beat. You used to call the music “Goo” and this has advanced to “moo-goo”. Lately you simply say “Mum, moo-goo please” and “I don’t like this moo-goo Mummy” “Different moo-goo please” when it is time to change the song or cd.

For your birthday we gave you a Chuggington train set which you have played with all day.

You bring us endless joy master x. You have a special relationship with each of us and we all adore you. Wishing you the happiest birthday little man and we look forward to celebrating your birthday party on the weekend. xx

From this……to this…..


Until today, this was master x’s corner of the world. Being a surprise inclusion to our family, we borrowed a cot his cousins had outgrown. He didn’t routinely sleep through the night until he was 17 months old. His day sleeps have always been more dependable and at 21 months he now happily kisses everyone “Goodnight” when bed time arrives.

Today I made the decision to mix things up – what! am I crazy? He has become such an independent little man who refuses to sit in his highchair, won’t use a sipper cup and much prefers a regular cup, wants to sit in his big sisters’ seats in the car ( I won’t negotiate on that one!) and generally wants to be like a big kid. So I wondered how he would go sleeping in a toddler bed. Homme was very excited about the idea and quickly got it down from the studio attic. Part of me was already missing my baby and his cot. My incentive was our annual Summer holiday at Rottnest which we will be having in a couple of weeks. With everything we have to ferry over there, I am keen to not have to worry about a porta cot.

So, at lunchtime today we went through our bedtime routine; kisses goodnight for all and a story in his little armchair. Two songs and it was time to lay him in his bed. I sit with him and hold his hand for a few minutes then say my goodbye. And…three hours later he woke up. I love it when a plan comes together!

I know, too cute!