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Australia Day, our way

Day three of a heat wave here and we spent Australia Day organising our home and garden, ready to host 44 extended family in two days time. I used the 40 degree day to paint one side of the house. As you do. Luckily homme came up with the idea to hang reticulated misters along the gutter at the edge of the verandah. The mist helped.

After cleaning up, we raided the fridge to put together a picnic dinner and met our friends at Monument Hill in Fremantle to watch the fireworks. We can actually watch the Fremantle fireworks over the Port and if we look to our right we can watch the higher ones from the larger Perth display.

Throughout the evening we were also treated to a spectacular lightning display. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t catch it on film. A new appreciation for those that do.

Our night in pictures.

As the sun sets

Lights from the Port


The main event


Fun with glow sticks


Then the moon shines


Double Date

Homme and I headed off the the new State Theatre with our good friends L and L on Saturday night. It was still a very warm evening so I changed my outfit choice at the last minute and wore an oldy but a goody.

This dress was purchased a few years back and I had a fond memory of wearing it to visit the Palace Versaille in 2008. I bought it from Villians and I love how I can wear it with flat sandals or with heels.

Homme is wearing a new shirt which I bought from him last month from a menswear store. It is labelled Ben Sherman and I think he looks hot wearing it.

I spent the morning at the hairdressers, and went a bit shorter. How I wish the hairdresser would blow dry my hair every morning!

We went out for yummy Vietnamese food before checking out the new Theatre. The entrance is very fancy and makes a statement. Our group decided that the  bar area is rather sparse and a bit too much brick and concrete to be warm and friendly. The seats in the Basement Theatre were uncomfortable with arm rests that are way too short to be comfortable.

As for the play The Ugly One, starring Gemma Ward, well to quote L at it’s conclusion, “I didn’t drink nearly enough alcohol to watch that.” Yep, it was pretty average. Shame really because we had looked forward to seeing it. Thankfully it was only  70 minutes I can’t get back.

We had a fun time with our lovely friends though. And it was a great opportunity to dress up and join in with Kymmies Fancy Pants.