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Public Service announcement – part two

So I learnt a lesson that if you spend ages loading up lots of photos of hot bodies onto your blog, when you press publish, only two thirds of the blog post appears. Seems it was too hot for WordPress to handle!

Not so for you ladies though. The comments and emails indicate that it was necessary to post part two:

So where was I?

Not to be outdone by the boys, there was one female swimmer there on the day. Therese Alshammar has the.most.perfect freestyle stroke you will ever see. It was a joy to see her swim up and down the pool. After her laps she went off for a run, or the like, and then came back to address the squad. She is a Swiss swimmer and comes to Perth in our Summer to train. She is 34 years old and recently was the oldest female to win a World Championship medal. Her main message again was that if you enjoy a sport, you can enjoy a long and happy career. I loved her quotes:

Ïf you are a good friend, you will have good friends, if you are a team member, you will be surrounded by a good team, and listen to your coach.”

Miss i asked her to sign her swimming cap which I thought was sweet.

The media arrived and wanted photos so they staged some shots of Eamon in the pool with the girls:

That is miss i in the red cap to the right of his head. She told me later that the older girls were quietly saying “Save me Eamon!”and when told to move forward to get a better view, they said “The view is fine just here.”

And I thought I was the only one appreciating this angle:

 Enough said..

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