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Christmas collage

Because the primary reason for this blog is to record my family memories, it is never to late to record our Christmas..

Such a lovely day. Miss e was the first to wake at 4.40am and sent promptly back to her bed. She re emerged at 6am and was told to take her pillow and rest on the floor of her sister’s room. Mean? Hell no, we were not starting our day until master x arose. Goodness knows any day he wakes and the clock does not begin with a 4 or 5 is a good day!

At seven o clock he woke and sat in wonder in front  of the tree which now housed presents, beautifully and lovingly wrapped. We settled in for some unwrapping but he wasn’t too fussed at first. After watching his sisters, he got into the spirit although after wrapping his first of four presents, he was more than happy to play with the magnetic letters on his new easel his sisters had bought him. His balance bike was left to the end and he was in his element ripping of the paper by then.

Miss e and miss i relished their piles of books, new board games and Big Bang Theory series 4 dvds. Our main family present this year were tickets to see Mary Poppins the musical in April.

We shared our traditional breakfast of leg ham and eggs on the deck then packed up to head to Mandurah for a few days with homme’s family. This year it was lovely to have my own Dad and stepmother join us for Christmas lunch.

Days of fun with the cousins followed. Granddad growled if they came too close to interrupt the Boxing Day Test Match. They were interested in the score and would join the crowd on the sofas, but it was way too much to ask them to sit there quietly when they could dissect, analyse and predict the result every half hour. At least Granddad can take his hearing aids out!

Homme’s parents’ home is lovingly referred to as the Bermuda Close Cafe and the food just kept coming. All delicious, all prepared by someone else, heaven.

Our family of five ventured up the road and caught up with my Dad’s brother and his children. Many laughs were had and we met up again on the beach next day.

Days spent chatting on the canal, fishing on the jetty and watching passing dolphins.

Happiness, good health and good humour, Christmas 2011.

2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful collage – lovely blondies, beautiful warm weather, decorations, presents and love.

  2. HAPPY nEW yEAR! Congrats to Mr G for the book…yay! All of us are very excited about the thought of seeing you all on the east coast in Feb… can I assist you in any way?
    D and A are in Perth again from Jan 9th to 23rd; at Wendy and Arthur’s home.
    D has a fractured radius, but in good spirits.
    Super news about the business you are creating; goodluck!
    Sister x

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