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Cards for class

Miss e and I have been busy making class Christmas cards. In the past we have created our own cards and she has proudly handed them out, sans any sugary treat. I have always resented the twenty odd candy canes and chocolates she receives with her cards, but this year I took the “if you can’t beat ém then join ém” approach.

We made all her classmates, her two teachers, and her year one buddy a reindeer card, with red M&Ms for the nose.


It is tradition at her school to post the cards in a lovely, red, wooden Santa’s mailbox. The year 7s deliver the mail to each class after lunch. Miss e eagerly took them into school today and when I collected her, she told me that the joy she felt on seeing  her classmates’ faces was quickly replaced by a little pang when every one of them ripped apart the card to eat the M&Ms. They took us both hours to make!

I was so proud of the effort she made to write a unique and meaningful message on the back of each card. Here is one example…

(I will excuse her grammatical and spelling errors, after all it is Christmas).

2 Responses

  1. They are just beautiful! Thank goodness you took some photos before all the ‘noses’ were eaten 🙂

    And good on miss e for writing personal messages, too. I’m sure her teacher will have appreciated the effort and thoughtfulness put into each card and written comment.

  2. These are absolutely DELIGHTFUL!! No wonder her heart sank as they all ripped off the noses. I just hope the faces were enough before the ripping to ensure you do it all again next year. So creative. x

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