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Published author in the house!

As my long term readers will know, 2009 was the year of homme writing his first book. It was finished and at the publisher’s in March, with the publishing date being October.

It was published, and the first run was sold out before it reached Australia! Can you imagine!

Homme has been waiting with baited breath to get a copy in his hands. He has had many, many requests from his clients. Well finally this week, he received his six free copies. And he is chuffed.

I am not a writer. I have no ambition to write anything more than a blog post. But I can see the passion in him and I am so proud for him to have his first book in print. He is very talented in his field of expertise and should feel really chuffed to see his thoughts and ideas on paper.

His publisher has already requested a second book from him and the outline is already with them.

Now if only he had the same confidence to share one of his novels….

2 Responses

  1. What a fantastic achievement and to have sold out before even *he* got his hands on a copy!

    And a second book in the works….. wow!!!!

    AND a novel ….. just… wow. I’m in awe….

  2. That is so cool! So many people would just dream to have their work in print! (My hubby is a published author too!)

    Now, I wonder if he might get his publisher to look at those novels!

    It seems you are surrounded by amazingly bright people. Of course, you are one of them! xx

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