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Speech night. And the winner is….

We attended miss i’s school Speech Night last night. It was held in Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia. It is the final farewell for the Year 12s, as well as the awards ceremony for academic and values presentations.

I love a bit of pomp and ceremony which is why I always enjoyed march outs and parades when I was in the Army Reserve. The evening started with a procession of the Year 12s entering the hall, carrying the school flag and House flags. They were followed by the school Principal, Council members and teaching staff. Teachers wore their academic robes which is a tradition they have for the school assembly each week! Very Harry Potter.

Miss i was seated on the stage already. She learned at assembly on Tuesday that she had won the Year 7 English prize for top academic mark. Here she is receiving her book award. What, you can’t see her? She was the absolueley first student called out and I had no idea of the process so I snapped away as she skipped across the stage. Look closely, that is her head directly behind the Principal’s!

I enjoyed the speeches by the Head of Council and the Principal who listed dozens of achievements in all areas, by the students throughout the year. She spoke of a first place in the West Australian Writer’s Award, a second place in the Now and Then writing comp and achievements for the Tournament of Minds and debating teams, all of which miss i was  involved in .

I was interested in the story of the guest speaker, but was not impressed by her style in trying to get her message across. It reeked of motivational speaker trying to sell her own books.

Interestingly, the book miss i won was a book her year 6 teacher had suggested she read. Then this year the author of the book came to visit her creative writing class. And now she owns the book with it’s bookplate.

The orchestra performed, the Barbershop sang and finally the Head Girl gave her speech which was moving and strong and appropriate.

We are so proud of miss i and her achievements this year.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Miss i! What clever girl(s) you have! Pomp and ceremony is kind of nice, and thankfully not often!

  2. What a terrific year Miss i has had and it’s terrific that her talents are being noticed! Congratulations!

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