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Why I love entertaining, and drive my family crazy.

I love to invite people over. Bbqs, dinners, pot luck dinners, drinks on the deck, kids’ birthday parties. I like have an event to look forward to, to plan for. I like to have a date in my diary to work household maintenance and chores around.

You see, I am crazy like that. And I make my family crazy. I had a date in the diary for four families to come to ours for a bbq and swim. The date was for the Saturday after dance concert. I made this date while I was still neck deep in concert preparations. Because I like to have an end date for getting stuff done.

I have an ongoing list. This past week, on top of everything outlined in my last post, and generally scrubbing my home, the list included pruning the espaliered olive tree and adding some more support braces. This is a two person job, one of which must be handy with the drill (I am not).


The list also included clearing the side verandah of all the tools required to make the ship prop, oiling the deck, mowing and tidying the garden (my usual Friday job), planting white petunias in pots all around the garden and courtyard, weeding and sweeping the pool area and side garden, attending to the rapidly growing passionfruit vine, and assembling new furniture in the studio to store all of my scrapbooking supplies (again a handy husband was required).

My family are well versed on how these things pan out. After breakfast on Saturday, I start to hear, “What needs doing now Mum?” I love it. We all pitch in tidying and attending to tasks in the knowledge that at three o’clock it is “tools down” and we sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

I take pleasure from setting a table with flowery tablecloths and runners, and picking roses from my garden.

I love inviting friends over to share time and food with. I like to serve and serving my friends gives me pleasure. We had a lovely evening catching up with friends who have very recently relocated back to Perth after more than ten years living in the UK, our long-time close friends who just live around the corner, Rachel’s husband and three of their girls, and Simon’s wife and their children. Strangely, every family knew at least one other family. It was a great night.

2 Responses

  1. It sounds wonderful, Vanessa. I *wish* I was as gracious a host as you: I tend to do ‘front of house’ duties OK but the actual cooking is left to Love Chunks. We’ve had to cancel several dinner parties at our house – and a few more at our friends’ – until we know once and for all what will get Sapphire well again….. I’m looking forward to having a big shindig when it’s all over.

  2. Snap – I’m having four families and various kids over on Sunday afternoon – I love catching up with friends and what better way than to do it at home? Fingers crossed for good swimming weather!

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