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What is it about dance concerts?

The annual dance concert in our house is like a change of season. Once it is over, I go into super hyped mode. The girls performed last Sunday, more about that in a moment, but since then, I have rearranged our new studio, cleaned the pool, emptied and rearranged every wardrobe and chest of drawers in our house, donated too-small clothes to friends and charity, donated craft supplies to the school, done most of my christmas shopping online, and have five (I repeat 5) christmas craft activites on the go. I have baked christmas treats which we don’t even eat, cleared out the garage as it is bulk waste collection in our suburb next week, and washed and put away all of the dance costumes ready for next year.

I tell you the weeks leading up to the concert, the piles of costume material, props, and paperwork associated with us volunteering to sell tickets, and make the programme makes for a messy house. Minimal housework is achieved and Monday morning the decluttering and cleaning begins!

Sorry about my absence of late, if anyone is still reading this little blog. It all started with the October school holidays. I usually blog during master x’s daytime sleep. Holidays means I have my big girls home and we use this time to do stuff together that we can’t do when a two year old is demanding their attention. So I thought I would write a summary, post school holiday,s but then Term 4 and The Dance Concert took over my life. Term 4 is nearly done and dusted. Wow, I can’t believe my biggest girs has almost finished her first year of high school. There is a post about that I am sure.

Given that I write this blog as an online journal for my family to reflect upon, I should get on with the actual concert. My girls have been at the same dance school for six years now and love that their end of year concert is an actual ballet performance, and not a recital. We sat through one of those many years ago and it did my head in. Our teacher is very clever with the students in her little school and has taught my girls so many skills. There are no Den Mothers involved. She hires one lady to assist with directing and supervising the very little kiddies, but otherwise the students are expected to change costumes and make their cues on and off the stage with only assistance from the senior dancers, and their peers.

This year they performed Peter Pan. Due to a large number of girls leaving dancing last year once they commenced high school, the average age of the 66 dancers was 8 years old! Miss i (aged 12) was cast as Wendy and looked gorgeous on stage in her pink “night dress”sewn by Granny. Miss e (aged 10) was given her first ‘senior’role as the Chief Indian and was stunning in her indian costume and head piece. Again made by Granny. She also performed as a Lost Boy, and both girls performed a Contemporary piece to open the concer,t as ‘night’.

They both looked gorgeous and after the concert miss i was awarded the prize for best contemporary dancer for the year, and miss e received the Most Improved trophy for her ballet. And she has improved this year. She is starting to get control of her tall, lean and gangly body and her concentration has improved ten fold. She will never win any prizes for best turned out ballerina, with her stockingless legs and flyaway hair at each lesson. Oh well. She is all character that one.

I won’t bore you with the 320 photos I uploaded on Picasa Web of the dress rehearsal, but here are a few of my two favourite girls. Miss i was on school camp the week of dress rehearsals, so there are two staged photos of her only.

Miss e in her night costume having her bun examined. Don’t actually have a photo of her dancing in this costume.

The pirate ship under construction. It looked great on stage, no really. (Guess who is having a pirate party for his third birthday?)

Post concert we headed off to Clancy’s Fish Pub where I proceeded to drink a wine or four with the dance teachers and a couple of parents. Consequently after a hectic couple of weeks, I fell asleep reading a bedtime story to master x at 7pm. I woke next morning with him still in my bed, and homme asleep on the lounge floor. ooops.


3 Responses

  1. Lovely photos of two very lovely young ladies – they’re a testament to your support and effort, Vanessa!

    I love the first photo of Miss i – such utter concentration!

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m exhausted by just reading this post! What a big thing the dance concerts are? No wonder why you love when it’s over – you can truly celebrate Christmas.

    But I’m loving that you had a cull too.

    The photos are amazing, and I’m so glad you shared. What talented girsl you have. xx

  3. Oh wow, this all sounds so exciting! On a personal note, I’ve missed reading your mumblings. I love that you have all of this for your family to reflect on, such wonderful memories. xx

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