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Our friend had an infection, which due to complications with a congenital heart defect, resulted in a stroke this week. Our friend is a 40 something mother to four beautiful daughters. She is the wife of a hard working man.

Our friend is the type of mother you call on when you need a hand. She can be relied upon to volunteer and assist in any school activity going on. She is a rock in our Community. She is strong and confident. She is private and introverted.

Our friend has strong values and stands for them. Family comes first. She is giving and selfless.

Two school communities have been rocked by the news, as she fights for her life. The ripple effect means that many are shocked and wondering what to do “To Help”?

I have talked to many friends. I have lay awake at night. I have assessed our last conversation, as she dropped her daughter,  miss e’s best friend, over for a sleepover. She wasn’t well. Her migraines are back. She has temperatures on and off. Probably a virus, we concluded. “Go home and rest,”I said. Rachel never rests. She mothers like many of us.

She is a thinker, an intelligent woman. How can I help her from being imprisoned in her weak body? Recovery will be long and therapy intense.

I have decided that an ipad would help. Propped up, there will come a time when she can use her good hand to flick through the computer pages of novels, use it to communicate, look at photos of her family, play solitaire, sudoko or hangman with her girls.

If you would like to donate towards buying Rachel an ipad, please use the Paypal link below:


2 Responses

  1. She sure is a rock. Talk about rock my world- I feel so helpless and so far away!!!! We talked about an ipad yesterday for her too. I am hapy to donate but am not techno savvy – we also have viruses on this computer – or that is why David tells me not to use my cc. Maybe he’s just curbing my spending!!!! LOL. Will work on it. If I can buy the ipad here to save money and it will work there let me know as I am coming to Perth first week of December to visit Rach.

  2. Done – can’t afford much, but I think your idea is a top one for someone recovering but in need of some entertainment that’s easily accessible. I hope that her recovery is speedy and forever lasting.

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