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The slow reveal

The before photo of the studio

We are hooked on the current tv show The Renovators. We record it each night so as not to be distracted from homework and the like. Then homme and I sit down at about 9pm and enjoy it over a cup of peppermint tea. I know, domestic bliss, pinch me.

The thing is I love the white room challenges. And the fully stocked wharehouse. And have I mentioned my crush on wallpaper right now?

It would be so easy to plop down in front of the telly at 7.30pm and watch the building and  styling, and dream of our own renovations being completed in a mere three hours. Then it would be even easier to continue to sit in front of the telly and lose an entire night watching the likes of Escape to the Country and 60 Minute Makeover, and even find ourselves watching How Clean is Your House? Seriously, there is an evening of my life I won’t get back.

So early on in the piece I made myself a deal to stick by the “no television on week nights” rule and to actually achieve some Renovating magic in my own home. And bit by bit, what do you know,  our studio is coming together. Here I am with bed hair and glamourous painting gear on, (keeping it real people) a couple of Saturday mornings ago, painting stripes on the walls homme rendered.

Painting these stripes took a good two weeks. It was a two person job to attach the not-so-sticky masking tape in sections. So I would wait for homme in the evenings to assist, then I would stay and paint the milk paint from Porters in alternating stripes and then dab most of it off with muslin. It had to be done in sections because the masking tape (at $13 a roll!) would fall off the painted walls if left too long. We are really happy with the effect though. Here is a peek at the finished walls. Notice in these photos that homme has yet to finish building the lining for the ceiling and the storage area?

Since painting the walls, homme has ALMOST finished with the ceiling (he ran out of wood on the weekend). I have painted the eighty year old window frames and had two of them reglazed. The window in the bathroom is now opaque, and this one in the studio has a gorgoeus floral glass in it. Both of these windows are about 1m from the boundary fence and looked directly into our neighbours’ kitchen. The windows now continue to let in light but also provide privacy.

None of my photos do the glass justice.

We have attached and painted skirting and architraves. Yesterday I finished painting the third window which overlooks our pool. This window is in pretty poor condition and will ultimately need completely replacing. Interesting how an aged and tatty window in France looks romantic…I am going with that vibe for now. I positioned one of our outdoor settings outside the window with a pot of purple pansies. I love the render homme did on the outside wall of the studio. I painted it two years ago in a Porter’s limewash and am loving the faded blue look.

Slowly but surely our little studio is coming together. I use whatever time I have available to pop out there and paint another skirting or window. Given that it is inside the pool fence, I am left with no option but to paint and renovate when master x is napping, or late in the evenings.

 I look forward to  sharing updated  photos of the bathroom later this week.

Are you hooked on reality tv? Do DIY shows have you glued to the screen? Which house on Renovators is your favourite? And which contestant?


2 Responses

  1. I do love those stripes and yes, can appreciate the effort that goes into having it look so lovely! Love your opaque glass, and it’s nice not to have to look into your neighbour’s kitchen! Our dining room overlooks our neighbour’s kitchen and I HATE it. But no opaque glass for us. Possibly a big vine though!

    It’s looking gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your bathroom and finished study. You have immaculate taste!


  2. It is lovely – the stripes make it look both elegant and welcoming. All your effort is evident in how pretty it looks.

    Home reno shows have passed me by and the guff that’s on offer via Brit telly isn’t very inspiring. Then again, I do sometimes like to feel outraged at the money and have a scoff at the end results in ‘Grand Designs’.

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