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A funny thing happened to me today…

I knew today was going to be a good day when master x asked me to change the fairy tale cd which has been playing on loop for five weeks in our car, to a song cd.

The sun was out and I happily drove to our local shopping centre singing along to kiddie songs, tempting fate with a two year old boy who is generally less than impressed with shopping.

I was so impressed when he agreed to be strapped into his stroller (never been a pram boy, but the authorities don’t endorse toddlers on scooters in shopping centres). I raced from one side of the centre to the other to grab teeth whitening gel from my dentist, back to the other side for my new bookclub  book, grabbed some boardies and t shirts for the little man from Cotton On Kids, and even managed to try on one outfit in Sussan (no purchase, pastels look atrocious on me – Spring fashion is looking tricky). With everything going so well, I bought him a $4 numbers/sticker book and took my chances at an impromptu pedicure at one of those pedicure-production-line-franchises.

With master x on my lap in the massaging chair, we worked together on the sticker book, and left the toenails to a stranger behind a mask.

At this point I knew my two year old was not going to be persuaded to get back into his stroller but I only had one more chore to complete at the bootmaker/key cutting kiosk. It is located right next to one of those flat travellators and master x and I have a deal that he can ride it solo three times up and down, every time we go to the shopping centre. Gotta love bribery that doesn’t involve money or sugar. It freaks many of the grannies out but I adore watching him stand perfectly still on it with the world’s biggest grin. Obviously a boy thing.

Two full Winters ago I bought myself some black high boots which were on sale for half price. They are leather and so comfy that I live in these boots as soon as it gets cold. Problem is that a week after I bought them one of the metal pullers on the zip snapped in half, and for two whole Winters I have used a fork tine to pull up the zip on my right boot. Procrastinator? Me? So given I was in my thongs, prancing around with my hot pink toenails, I decided to put my boot in to be repaired. It cost me $12.40 and thrity minutes of my time……

The middle aged (ie still older than me), guy behind the counter looked at me closely as I approached his counter. He asked me,

“Do you believe in Spirits?”

“Why do you ask?’

“I can see auras, and you have three white auras around you. Two of them are carrying yellow spikes. ”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you have three people around you from the Spirit world, and two of them are leading you. They may be relatives who have passed.” “That is all I know, but (at this point he pulls out a business card from his shirt pocket and hands it to me), this lady can tell you everything you need to know.”

My suspicion rises.

“She left school when she was 15 to nurse her sick Mother for 12 years, then nursed her Father for 30 years. She had eight miscarriages and her husband left her. But she is happy now and lives with two dogs. You should give her a call.”

“Thank you, I won’t wait for the boot, I will pop back tomorrow to collect it.”

Bizarre conversation but I left feeling all warm and fuzzy, that there might be three people walking around with me.

Can you interpret auras? Have you had a psychic reading?

Will just writing these words in my blog cause spam central???


2 Responses

  1. Ooh crikey, I don’t know….. I’ve never had any kind of reading or my fortune told because I honestly don’t know if any of it’s true and nor do I want to tempt fate.

    Still, having three ‘guardian angels’ (not sure how else to describe them) might be rather nice 🙂

  2. This sort of stuff freaks me out a bit. I kinda believe in it but then my mind won’t let me… do you know what I mean?

    I think I’d rather not know.

    Did you get spam central?? x

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