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The light at the end of the tunnel

Thank you Kymmie, Kath and Elke for your kind and supportive words about my last post, and to Tabatha for your phone call.

I would like to say that once I wrote that post, things improved. Truth is that when I climbed into bed, master x woke for drinks and cuddles and comforting words. I tried snuggling with him in his toddler bed and finally resorted to scooping him into my bed, which I was already sharing with miss e. It was 2.58am when I finally closed my eyes. We awoke at 8am and I decided that a new attitude was required.

Regardless of all the coughs and sniffles, after breakfast I ordered the kids to get dressed, grab water bottles and tissues and we set off for a play in the Ivy Watson playground in Kings Park. I even invited our 4 and 6 year old neighbours. Master x was much chirpier and had lots of fun on the slide, wobbly bridge, and walking along a path of poles. We didn’t stay for long, but the change of environment helped with everyone’s moods.

While master x had his afternoon nap, I set about organising the studio. Rearanging furniture and organising storage gave me a sense of accomplishment. I was kept busy all afternoon. Master x was still fragile when he woke up and although I had committed to attend a quiz night with friends, he delayed my leaving home as no one else was allowed to assist bathing him, feeding him, or putting him to bed.

As much as I would have appreciated an early night at home, I made the effort to dress up, applying make up and blow drying my hair. I had a really fun night with lovely friends at the quiz night. A school friend of miss i’s slept the night and they watched Casablanca together, researching for their Tournament of Minds (TOMS) competition.

When I arrived home at close to midnight, master x was unsettled and I quickly went to him. A quick cuddle and he went back to sleep. Unfortunately my stomach pain which had crept up on me during the night, climaxed, and I spent the next hour in the bathroom. Oh boy, does it ever stop?

This morning I was tested yet again. Master x was still not his usual cheery self but improved after breakfast. My neighbour came to tell me he noticed I had a flat tyre on my car. You are kidding me!

I called my roadside assistance to be told that it had expired and their office is not open on Sunday. The tow guy told me that my car doesn’t have a spare tyre in it. I called the RAC to join and get assistance. No use on a Sunday, when there is nowhere open to tow my car to have the tyre replaced. At this point I took five minutes to contemplate my situation and felt teary again. This kind of challenge would not normally affect me so much and I couldn’t let it overwhelm me.

I called a friend to have miss i and her friend collected to join their friends for their movie date, and after to go to their school library to work on their TOMS presentation.

I called my friend’s husband to ask for advice. He told me that my car does have a spare and he would be around to change it for me. While I waited, I looked at my car manual and found out where to find the spare. Mr A came with his 13 year old son and used it as a teaching experience for him.

It was 2pm before the car was sorted and I could get back to my studio. I put the radio on to hear my favourite West Coast Eagles have a great win over Richmond while I cleared the walkway around the studio and found a place for everything in the studio itself.

So I have a much anticipated project this week. I am all set to paint the interior walls, window frames and architraves in the studio, to buy a new desk, attach skirtings, make new window furnishings, and hang some prints. I am not sure how much will happen in one week but I am excited to get started.

Here are some before photos, showing what I have to work with. This building was a bathroom/toilet/laundry in pretty much the same condition as the houses in The Block. (I am so addicted to this show and The Renovators). We have had the studio reroofed, new floors built and tiled, the bathroom refitted, toilet refitted, walls hand rendered inside and out and architraves built. With the publishing deal, all work came to a halt. I am so impressed that homme wrote his book from this shabby (not in the chic way) room.

After taking these photos, I climbed into that bath, put on the bubbles and relaxed with a face mask. When I came inside, master x climbed onto his chair and asked for dinner! He has not been interested in eating all week. So the four of us enjoyed a lovely roast lamb dinner together. I am certain this week is going to be much better than last.


3 Responses

  1. Oh goodness Vanessa. If it doesn’t rain, it pours. I think that would have me teary without all the other stresses! And no husband. I tend to think that these sorts of things happen when our husbands are out of town. My father use to travel a lot when I was young, and my mum use to say that all the exciting things happened when he was away. I do remember cooking a mouse in the toaster, tree frogs take over our house, and even a cyclone. All while dad was away.

    I love your attitude and am so proud how you are soldiering on despite the setbacks. And yes, next week will be better (can’t wait to see the ‘after’ shots of your rooms!).


  2. So much stress for you lately, Vanessa. I read your previous post too and I was a bit weepy for you as well. It’s soooo hard to do everything without the back-up of your husbie. I hope he has a ‘big picture’ plan that means he’ll be working less as time goes on.

    In the meantime, you will get through all of this, and if you can’t get through it, taking a bath is the next best thing! x

  3. PS – also, I agree with every word you wrote on the ‘trifecta’. I hope how appalling I find it came through in my post, but I didn’t want to offend my friend who also reads my blog and was very serious about it… x

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