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Quiet time

I haven’t been around much lately. Someone’s recent behaviour towards me and my family, hurt me. I have been immersed in my family and the joyous time that is  school holidays.

You know the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”? Well I have taken that tack because I just can’t be bothered with the old wounds that may or may not be opened.

We have been alternately busy, and not-so-busy these holidays. Homme never made it on our farm holiday so the kids and I stayed another night, enjoying the company of the country cousins and grandparents.

We had a fun drive to Beverley, 2 1/2 hours from Perth. Master x was in heaven watching the portable dvd player with Charlie and Lola on loop. He wasn’t interested in the headphones, happy to recite and narrate his own storyline. We left Perth later than I was hoping due to a chiropractic appt for me and it quickly grew dark on the drive. All was going well until we passed Beverley and headed off road to the farm. I was happily chatting to my favourite girls and only half looked at the turnoff sign. I followed the signs to County Peak (which we walk to from the farm) even when I realised I had taken a turn too early for the farm. I was teasing miss e that we may be lost and need to camp in the car overnight as I had no mobile reception. She did an audit and realised we had our pillows, doonas, two huge pots of chilli con carne and breakfast items. Then master x asked for a drink of water and we realised we had finished all of the water bottles. Slightly panicked look on her face.

After a while, we were stopped in our tracks by a wire fence across the road. I stopped and assessed the situation. I knew I was really close to the farm but was not sure of the etiquette of closed fences. It was pretty well wired shut so I opted to retrace our tracks and made it to the farm just in time to ease the worry we had caused on being so tardy.

We had such a fabulous time! Fifteen people in the house meant lots of mattresses on the floor but the kids all bunked in and slept a charm. We ate till we could eat no more. We built a fire, a short drive from the farm house, and spent a sunny but cold Saturday toasting marshmallows and watching the kids explore the rocks around us. We ate chocolate cupcakes, and straight from the oven warm blueberry and lemon muffins (with dextrose).

miss e being the patient for her cousins

The kids built a mansion from farm “trash” including an old metal hills hoist near the farmhouse and convinced us to get up early Sunday morning and cook bacon, eggs and toast on the open fire. The fire was topped up all day and lamb chops were cooked for lunch with damper for afternoon tea. They made three versions, one with curry powder, one with cinnamon and a plain one. Eaten hot with butter, or jam and cream – delicious! The temp only reached 11 degrees that day, but all day was spent outside.

By dusk we hearded ourselves inside to rotate through the shower, campfire clothes in the washing machine and ate chilli con carne in our pjs and uggies, in the warmth of the farm house. Wine in front of the Tour de France is my kind of “camping”.

Uncle B  took master x and me for a drive to the paddock with the new lambs. Oh.so.cute. Master x was far more interested in being able to stand up in the rear cab of the ute while we were driving through the paddocks – oh the freedom. I was fascinated as to how the mob is defined by each ewe and her lamb(s). There were several sets of twins and one set of triplets. We even came across a set of new twins, so new that one of the lambs still had afterbirth on it. It was heartwarming to see all these mumma sheep just getting on with the job of having babies.

Miss e had the best time getting farm filthy and creating memories with her boy cousins, miss i enjoyed flitting from game to campfire to solo reading time and I could sense her calm after a very busy school Term. She chose to sleep on the sofa with her grandparents on their swag on the lounge room floor each night. Being the eldest, she enjoyed watching the Tour with us, and allowing sleep to take over whenever it did. Master x enjoyed the trampoline!! He bounced every chance he got. He loved using this metal wagon to collect things for us, lemons to take home, and rosemary for the fire.

We drove home in the rain on Monday morning, refreshed from our great weekend at the farm. Homme arrived home from Port Hedland about 10pm that night, emotionally drained from the tragic death he had been investigating.


2 Responses

  1. I’m so proud of you getting on with your life despite the horrible behaviour of another. You know life is too short to dwell on their doings, and you can rise above it all.

    So glad you had a lovely time at the farm. Sorry Homme didn’t end up making it. I know you’ve been dealing with a few things, and have been thinking of you. xx

  2. That sounds (and looks) like a terrific holiday! And I know how hurtful it is to be betrayed by someone you liked and trusted and, like you’re doing, the best way is to say nothing but continue living your full and happy life.

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