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Birthday parties, dinner parties, meet the team parties

Life has been quite social this past month, but I have lapsed in documenting it all.

A few weeks back now miss i had her belated outdoor movie party. It was risky having an outdoor movie in June but we figured that if the rain finally came, we could squish all twenty girls into our loungeroom.

The weather was mild and the girls all had fun. A mix of twelve year olds from her Primary school friends, and her new High School friends. I only had to mention to one girl to put her mobile phone away as she sat texting  her friends who weren’t there.

We set them up on the front deck on chairs and matresses loaded with blankets. They had access to our Candy Bar all night, and watched the movie She’s the Man being projected on a sheet on the front wall of the house. I served hot food and popcorn throughout the night.

The birthday cakes were handmade neopolitan icecream cupcakes which I made. Chocolate, vanilla and raspberry layers with cream on top, and fructose free.

As you can see, most of the Candy Bar was full of frustose, but we have no desire to eat of any of it and my girls were happy to eat the dextrose lollies and savoury food. I still have leftover maltesers and marshmallows in the cupboard!

By all accounts, the girls had fun.

Two weeks ago we hosted a dinner party here, for eight adults and eight children. Have I mentioned that our kitchen/dining/laundry/office sapce measures 2.6m by 4.6m? Very cosy.

Everyone brought a casserole dish for a shared meal. We feasted on potato bake, mediterranean vegetable salad, thai chicken pies, buttered carrots and beef and barley casserole, followed by chocolate brownies and cream, and baked pears. Yummy!

I moved the butcher’s block to one side of the room and added a trestle table. All the adults sat here, while the kids ate in the lounge room. They had fun watching a dvd, playing the board game Articulate, and playing their own games outside.

Happiness is great friends, great food and great conversation!

The only downside to going to bed at 1am is getting up to a toddler at 5am!

Homme is walking the Kokoda Track next month with six guys he knows from his days in the Army Reserve. They have been meeting each weekend in the hills to hike each weekend and on Sunday we all met up for lunch at Chook’s to meet the wives and talk about logistics. What a great day! Chook and his wife live on a large block in the Perth Hills which has a natural large pond and huge trees. They have built a straw bale construction outdoor entertaining room with a pizza oven so we spent the afternoon watching the kids run amok while drinking wine and eating copious pizza. My favourite was defininetly the lamb korma pizza with coriander, haloumi and greek yoghurt!

Master x missed his day sleep and spent most of the afternoon jumping on their trampoline. He fell asleep 5 minutes into the drive home, transferred to bed where I took off his jeans, jumper and shoes and he slept soundly in all of his grubbiness. I had to wake him four hours into his day sleep on Monday just to do the school run. He wore himself out!

So life has been a lovely balance of work and play lately. We are all looking forward to school holidays commencing tomorrow and a weekend away at a relative’s farm with homme’s side of the family. Eight cousins playing together.


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