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50km in July

Every girl needs a monthly goal. I was inspired by Shelley’s goal for the 100 days leading up to her wedding. My running has taken a back seat to life, after breaking my toe, and I needed a running goal to get me back on that treadmill.

So yesterday I typed myself a July Calendar to stick on the fridge. Each day (or square) has space to write in the kilometres run, the time taken to run it, the calories burned, and a running (sic) total.

I set myself the goal of running a total of 50km in the month of July. Not hard really? Less than 2km per day. Not a great start to start on the 4th day of the month but hey, that is no excuse.

I moved my treadmill to a new location, in the courtyard facing the pool, and put on my tracky gear as soon as I woke up. While master x slept I ran my first 3km and that thrill came right back!

Today I decided to run while master x was playing in the garden. He was more interested in standing right next to the treadmill and talking to me the whole time but as you can see from the photo above, it only takes 20 mins to run so he remained entertained until it was his turn to have a go.

My timing isn’t great, but I can say that I ran 3km 28 seconds faster today than yesterday. I am puffing too hard after the run to remember the details and given I have my ipod attached to listen to music, I use it to photograph my statistics once I have pressed the stop button (hence the speed reads 0.0)

Yeah, I am back!


3 Responses

  1. That is fantastic! So happy for you – you’ll smash it! xx

  2. You are indeed. I don’t know if I’ll get a treadmill here (would the neighbours on level seven and level nine suffer in this block, considering there are rules on when the TV can be turned on?) …. but did go for a very short run on Sunday morning.

    I’m kinda sorta revelling in being lazy right now and will give myself permission to forget about running until Sapphire starts school in Sept. Considering that she gets picked up by the school bus at the terrible time of 7.08AM, I figure I’ll then see her off, grab Milly the dog and go for a run before too many stylishly-dressed locals are out and about.

    Good on you though!

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