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Restyling my creative space

I love to scrapbook. I started about five years ago, and what started as a nervous toe in the ocean of crafting, has turned into my creative space. It allows me to wallow in pretty papers and embellishments. It fulfills my need to photograph everything in sight. It provides peace and quiet when my family is tucked up in bed. It is my ultimate me time.

My stash has grown over the years. I store it fairly neatly in the studio. The studio which is not yet complete. It is very serviceable and goodness knows my homme has just spent six months holed up in there writing a book. But the one desk in there houses homme’s computer. There is no space to actually sit and scrap. So I improvise. On cold nights I like to set myself up on  a portable table and sit in front of the fire and scrap. When I finish, I have to pack away so that master two year old does not feel the urge to be creative. Mostly though I scrap on our dining table. As the projects near completion, I find that I have accumulated a whole pile of ephemera, photos, albums, papers and tools and the dining table is groaning under the weight. I find myself procrastinating about putting it all away. What if the urge to creative comes today? If I lug it all back to the studio, I will have to lug it all back out again. So goes the conversation in my head.

It gets to the point where only two people can sit at the table to eat. Well, thanks to Lucy and her weekly linky I have a list as long as my arm of areas of the house that I need to sort, organise, decorate, renovate. It seemed only appropriate that I tackle this dilemma this week, join in the blog hop, and tick another job off my list.

My before photo was taken yesterday morning. A medium sized pile that had been growing for a week. Notice my trick of piling things on chairs and tucking them under the table and out of sight.

So I set about to make sense of my situation. I have a little office nook in my kitchen/dining/laundry (yes European style in this teeny, tiny house). It houses my everyday cookbooks, homework supplies, my box of batteries/screwdrivers/allen keys/felt pads, my oversized-but-can’t-live-without Kikki K monthly planner, and my filing system for all of our family paperwork. When we redisigned the kitchen, it used to house my laptop. During his book writing phase, homme decided he needed a new computer and kindly moved his older PC to my office space. It sat idle as the girls and I prefer to use the laptop. Albeit propped at the dining table.

This nook was functional and tidy, but not used to its full potential.

My pink, flowery teapot set was moved to the glass fronted cupboard with the wedding crockery, the cookbooks were elevated and the battery box was moved to another cupboard. The computer was uninstalled, to be gifted to another family and room was made to house my essential scrapbooking items. I am so excited that I have the essentials at my fingertips. Instead of a hard drive at my feet, I have a stash of patterned papers and cardstock. I have returned the laptop to a working space, and my punches, paints, inks and stamps are at my fingertips.

I found this set of six mini milk bottles yesterday at Bed Bath and Table for the bargain price of $15. Too cute! Perfect for buttons and flowers.

But, best of all, we can all eat at the dining table again!

So, thank you Lucy for giving me weekly goals to get things done around here!


6 Responses

  1. Your “nook” looks gorgeous! and I especially love those little milk bottles.
    …I thought I was the only person who stashed “stuff” on chairs and casually slid them under the table…;)

  2. That is terrific 🙂 well done. You make me nostalgic for the scrapbooking I used to do 🙂

  3. This just makes ME smile and it is not even my home or my scrapbooking so I can only imagine how good that must make you feel. Thank you, for linking up! xx

  4. I love the milk bottles too! What a great find–and good for you for the great organizing. It’s a beautiful space–enjoy!

  5. This is soooo inspiring! I’m jealous. Am am currently re-organising my bookshelves to make them more 2 year old friendly. Not working so far…

    But love your space. It’s so adorable!


  6. You are an inspiration. I just need to pull all of my cupboards apart first and start refolding and spring cleaning. That is this weekends goal. I want to donate all the “pink” linens etc as my girls don’t like it anymore and label my linen cupboard shelves. Maybe I’ll do a before and after photo and send them to you so I am accountable!!!???

    Looks gorgeous and my favourite part is the milk bottles.


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