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Injury causes mother of three to withdraw

I had kept it a bit of a secret, but I had registered to run in this Sunday’s HBF Run for a Reason. My first ever fun run. I have entered to run the 4.5km race.

I was nervous, but knew that the distance wasn’t a problem. My second daily appearance on the treadmill told me that my distance in 30 mins had improved to over 5km.

As I was disentangling myself from my two year old post bedtime reading and singing last night, I somehow stubbed the top of my toe on the edge of his bed. I limped into the lounge room where my expletives remained unuttered in front of the babysitter, and willed the tears from appearing.

I had organised a movie night for homme, our two girls and myself so I slipped my feet into my boots and hobbled to the car.

On inspection of sore toe this morning, I found early bruising. So I thought I would share. Walking in shoes is tricky, running I am thinking is off the cards for a few days.

My hopes are dashed at running this Sunday.

9 Responses

  1. So sorry to hear this. I’m sure you would have been looking forward to this run. I’ve found that my children hurt me more than I’d like. Ah, one of the occupational hazards of children?

    I hope you’re toe is better soon. xx

  2. OMG, you really hit that toe hard. That must have been excrutiating. Poor you!

    Sorry you’ll miss your run. Aren’t you clever to be entering in the first place. There is always next time for you, provided your toe stays attached. It’s looking a bit grim!?!? x

    • Yes, and I keep asking my family “Have you seen my toe?” and get very little sympathy! Payback I guess for my lack of interest in anything injury related. Unless your heart needs resuscitating, “suck it up princess.” It’s the nurse in me.

  3. Ouchie ouchie ouch! These things happen, but fun runs will be on again at other times. Feet healing comes first!

    • I know, but I was so psyched to get the ball rolling. Never mind, howling rain and wind has arrived today so I am enjoying the thought of sitting inside scrapbooking instead. Not many sleeps now for you!!

  4. OW!!!! That is pain. But I love how you turned it into a positive and decided to stay indoors and scrapbook!!! I haven’t scrapbooked since we moved here!! ( naughty me!)

    I have however, enrolled to run the Nike womens half marathon on my 40th this year. There is a group of us and sadly I think I will be hiking as I have a knee injury that HATES running these days. Boohoo!!

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