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Wrapped in Ribbon

 As mentioned previously, we live in a teeny, weeny house. Space is precious. Storage is non existent.

We own a gorgeous little cupboard homme inherited from one of his grandmothers. It’s placement is dictated by it’s size and it is located in our tiny front entry, near the front door. Over time and renovations, it had become a place for odds and ends. The third drawer syndrome. It was time to reclaim that much needed storage space. This is what faced me.

I retrieved a whole spool of stereo wire, eleven keys (of which two were for the front door, two for the back door and two for the pool gates, five unaccounted for and therefore binned), tins of paint, paperwork which needed filing, shop receipts, a dog lead, screwdrivers, three years of White Pages and assorted bits and pieces.

Yesterday, I found a new role for it. You see, I love to gift wrap and I especially love ribbon and string. As a scrapbooker, I have a stash of ribbon. Some is for paper art, the longer ones are saved for presents. My scrapbooking ephemera is stored in the backyard studio (sounds romantic doesn’t it but it is a long way from being ‘finished’ and will feature in a future blog post). Gift wrap is in the studio. Scissors and tape are in the office nook in the kitchen. Stamps in my purse, envelopes in the kitchen. I was thinking, central location.

So Gandma’s cupboard (yes, that is it’s official name), was emptied and restocked with everything needed to write a letter (?), post a parcel (no procrastinating now), make a label, find a handmade gift card, and best of all, wrap a present!

Now, don’t ask to see my dining table…….

Playing along with Lucy and her Drab to Fab Linky

*realised too late that Before photos taken on my iphone are dodgy. i was not willing to recreate the Before look to improve the photos, not even for you, my dear readers. and i have no idea why one photo wants to sit sideways.

**i went to a furniture restorers this morning to get a polish to improve the look of the external wood. all good.


10 Responses

  1. Oh how I love this beautiful desks’ transformation! And what is better than having a wrapping desk?


    Happy wrapping and gifting. xx

  2. I love this style of desk, and what a great use for it now!

  3. That’s a lovely use for the desk. I tend to keep all my bits and bobs in different places but you have inspired me to sort out some drawers and store it properly.

  4. My granny had a desk so similar to yours – beautiful.

    I adore its new use – to have all that lovely stash and stock all ready and waiting to go – delicious!

    The sideways photo thing – it happens to me too, with snaps from my iPhone. The trick is to go into the HTML tab of your post rather than the compose tab, to upload the image – for some reason, this way puts the photo in the right way…

    Thank you for linking up to Diminishing Lucy’s Drab to Fab!


  5. Looks great – and the perfect use for it.

  6. I love how neat it is – it is the perfect little space. following from drab to fab…

  7. Just like Lucy, my granny had a similar desk and it was her writing station. i always loved how organised she seemed with everything in one place and I would open it every time I went to her house to peruse all the nooks, different papers, envelopes etc.

    I love how it has transformed for you!!! What a fab feeling now!

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