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I will need to bring my A Game

for this week.

After spending a wonderful Mother’s Day being pampered yesterday, I know I am in for a highly scheduled week this week. Miss i was away fot  the weekend on her Sacristan camp, at New Norcia. She had a lovely time and came home with an impromptu gift for us all. I got my first ever “Mother” plaque and I will treasure it forever. So sweet. Miss e was in her element pampering me. Her and Homme cooked up a super special brunch of croissants, bacon, poached eggs, sourdough toast and avocado. She made me iced cupcakes for afternoon tea and gave me a foot massage with the lavender oil she had bought me. I was set up to scrapbook in the loungeroom in front of the Eagles footy game. Darn, they came so close to beating those Bombers! When shared a wonderful dinner of roast turkey and decided as a family that we are going to save our butts off to go to Europe next April. So exciting! We are meeting weekly on a Sunday to nut out the details but the girls are so excited and their first task is to come with ideas about where to visit. It is so lovely to have a group goal we can all work towards, and teach them that if you want something like a holiday, to plan and save for it.

Back to the week of madness ahead.

Week 2 of Term, and dance lessons begin again, as well as other co curricular activites. Miss i is playing in her second orchestra performance this Friday night, playing alongside an all boys college. So that means extra practices. Both girls are sitting NAPLAN tests starting tomorrow, with them being in years 5 and 7. Oh, and miss i has her first interschool debate tomorrow night.  I also have a scrapbooking class which I booked a month ago, and my monthly Bookclub meeting is this week! Anyway, if we are to get through this week without tantrums, or tears (from them or me), then SuperMum must kick into action. I am proud to say that when mulling this over on the weekend, the first thing I planned was my running days (see I am getting there). I must admit though, that with choosing to be a one car family, and needing to be in many places at once tonight, I did find myself about to suggest to the girls that they skip dance for one night. I caught myself in time when I realised I was about to reinforce a very negative behaviour. I was about the teach them that when life got hectic, to drop the exercise! Instead I reminded them the importance of getting their homework done at dance (they always do), and suggested to miss i that last minute prepping for her debate may need to be done in her lunchtime. Turns out they are already planning a debate meeting at lunch.

My TO DO List has morphed from the blackboard in my head, to an actual piece of paper:

Our week looks something like this:


Dance from 4.15pm – 6.15pm

Orchestra Practice at CCGS 7pm – 9pm

*drop miss i at orchestra directly after ballet, with violin and dinner and take master x and miss e home where will we meet homme who will drop me off at scrapbooking class at 7pm



Ballet from 4.30pm – 6pm

Debate at CCGS 6.30pm – 8pm



Orchestra practice CCGS 7 – 9pm



Ballet and contemporary dance from 4pm – 6.15pm

Bookclub 8pm


Orchestra performance CCGS 6.30pm – 8.30pm

It will be a week of planning and preparing meals ahead of time. Of double checking  bags, be they dance, school, music.

Do you ever start your week knowing all neurons must be firing?


3 Responses

  1. Oh my. I think I feel like a lie down after reading your week.

    I hope you get through it! Actually, who am I kidding. I know you will! Thinking of you. xx

  2. Oh yes I hear you!!! Every Sunday night I need to take a big INHALE ready to breathe all week. Now that all 4 do after school activities I am sooooo overdone. Both girls dance – and they are in separate levels for some of that, (4 classes each per week), the boys play baseball/ t-ball at the moment (seasonal TG) and they have 2 games each a week. All 4 get homework too so throw that in the mix and a daddy who works out of town. this momma feels like a machine sometimes. But I make time for ME at the gym or hiking and that always helps. And I try to give the kids some one on one time with me and they LOVE that too.

    I guess as they all get older it just gets busier………..

  3. In answer to your question – YES!

    And I’m a listmaker too. My ‘runs’ (or slow jogs with Sapphire now joining me) even get recorded in my diary in green, so if there’s at least three green entries per week I feel rather proud of myself.

    Your list and upcoming week sounds like an incredible challenge but when your kids are adults and parents themselves, it is *then* that they’ll fully appreciate the work and effort you put in. It certainly was that way with my mother….

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