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Grumpy Girl

*photo by Vintage Pleasure and Agnes Darling

When my girls were much younger, I used to play a cd in the car which had little meaningful stories and catchy sing-a-long tunes. One of the stories was about a little girl who gets out of bed feeling really grumpy. It goes on to describe how her mood and behaviour affects everyone else in her home, her classroom and her entire school. The moral of the story being that if you choose to  be grumpy and spread your grumpy around, then it can affect a lot of people you come into contact with in a day, and no one is happy.

Today (due to the screwed-up school holiday system in WA this year) was miss e’s first day back at school for Term Two. Miss i had started back on Tuesday.

Her holidays had been relaxed but fun. We had enjoyed a wonderful day at her Grandparents yesterday, where she was able to  catch up one-on-one with an Aunty she only sees a couple of days each year. Said Aunty played dominoes with her, cooked cupcakes with her and did puzzles with her while master x slept and I sat back and observed. She chattered animatedly all day with her Aunty and totally got her fill.

This morning I sensed things were going to go awry when I realised that in the time it had taken me to cook and eat my porridge, miss e had been daydreaming on the toilet. As I made school lunches, she was alone at the dining table eating her weetbix. Several times I had to remind her to eat. Fourteen minutes later, breakfast was eaten.

I cursed the no uniform policy at her school when the first outfit she came out in happened to be a BRAND NEW pale pink top I had just bought her. After reminding her that she needed to wear ‘school clothes’ and to Hurry Up, she had her second wardrobe malfunction by attempting to wear her new (*ahem $60 winter boots). By this stage my blood was at a slow simmer and miss i was waiting fully dressed to get to high school.

Let’s say that one thing lead to another as I found her a suitable outfit, she threw her luchbox as I passed it to her and she had an impressive, 10 year old tantrum. Homme, who is rarely home at this hour lost his cool and bellowed at her to get her “act together”. I calmly told her I would be waiting in the car and she was to come down with her school bag, hair brushed and teeth cleaned.

As I stepped outside, miss i announced that a couple walking their dog had stopped to ask her whether she was ok, overhearing the screaming match. Noice!

Miss e made it to the car, albeit with teeth not cleaned, and fumed in the back seat for the 30 minute drive to her school. Miss i made it to her school with only minutes to spare. Her school day starts 30 minutes before her sister’s. Which ultimately is what gets up our collective noses I guess. Miss e’s actions affect her least.

I calmly informed her on the drive that bedtime was half an hour earlier tonight, and that she was to have her clothes for school on the end of her bed. She was bristly for the walk to school and I left for home feeling shite.

On return home, homme had an appointment near home and the plan was that I would drive him to work after it. I used this time to water the back garden beds and do a general tidy up of the garden. This is not a quick chore, as master x likes to “help” with everything I do. Constant filling of his watering can etc. Upon homme’s return, I asked if I could have five more minutes to finish and then I would drive him. The last watering can was filled to water three pots on the verandah and homme decided to assist master x. Next thing I hear an exasperated moan from homme as some of the water hits his work shoes and suit pants. Master x is crying in frustration at not being able to do it his way, and I snap.

For cripes sake, could I just get one job done without someone upsetting the apple cart. Sure, you might be frustrated by a spill, but I spend  hours every goddamm day compromising with little people to get through everyday chores!!!! You have not been home for 7 out of the last 9 nights and twice this morning you have lost the plot.

So with an almightly slam of the front door, homme decided he would rather tackle the mid morning bus service than accept a ride from me.

I continued to get through the washing of clothes, hanging of clothes, stacking dishwasher, making snacks, reading books, and sweeping courtyard with my black cloud following me. During this time, I remembered the cd the kids used to listen to and realised today would be a good day to stay home. If for nothing more that to curb the spread of the grumpy’s any further.

3 Responses

  1. Aw Vanessa…. you’ve truly had a craptastic start to your day. I think a big slice of chocolate cake (or just a big block of chocolate) is definitely needed today!

  2. What a crap day. Sounds exactly like mine. Glad you have that treadmill. And tomorrow is a new day.

    Hugs to you. These are the days we like to forget hey?


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