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This past weekend has been miss i’s turn to celebrate her birthday. Our eldest is now 12, where did that time go? She is planning a movie party with another school friend in a couple of weeks, but on her actual birthday, we invited two families for a shared curry dinner.

The food was delicious, the company was the best, and the evening relaxed. We had kept the decorations up from both sibling’s birthday parties, and added candles to the tables for dinner.

We also lit the fire pit and after setting the kids up with their own game of Celebrity Heads, they did the same for us. Hilarious fun! Quote of the night must go to miss 9. When reminded that her character was green, and had a talking donkey for a friend. She exclaimed “Am I Jesus?” Her parents had a proud moment, grateful of her current Catholic education.

So three children’s birthday celebrations in 32 days, with good old Easter thrown in as well as the school holidays and this Mummy is ready for her day of relaxation on the first Sunday of May. Three birthday parties means three novelty cakes. What to make a 12 year old? I am not sure if I have been living in a cake-making-cave but I came across the idea of cake pops while popping into Kmart for some last minute wrapping paper. Miss e was with me when we spotted the cutest looking book with this current cake craze. So with less than 24 hours until  the cake reveal, I am taking photos on my phone of the basic recipe and hints page of said book. Looks pretty easy. Still not sure how I will present the creation though. Minor details…

On the morning of the celebration, miss e and I do a quick google search of cake pops and quickly find a you tube demo which confirms they are easy peasy.

And seriously, the making of them is. For those of you knew to this like I was, you can use a purchased plain cake, or whip one up yourself. We made our own butter cake only because we substitute sugar in our cooking with dextrose. Left it to cool. Then simply crumble cold cake with your hands into a mixing bowl. Add about 1/3 cream cheese and 3/4 cup icing sugar (next time I can substitute this for dextrose again, but given it was a new recipe I went with the icing sugar). Mix this with your hands until it is consistency of play do. Roll golf ball sized balls of the cake mixture and place a lollipop stick into it. (Dip lollipop stick into melted white choc to aid the stick to stick, if you get my drift). Place ball onto baking tray lined with baking paper. Once all balls rolled, place baking tray into freezer for about 40 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the decorations. Have small bowls of sprinkles at the ready, as well as melted white chocolate and/or melted candy melts ( I purchased both the lollipop sticks and candy melts from Wheel and Barrow). In future I would just use melted chocolate only because although the candy melts have a lovely shiny finish, it is very sweet).

Still with me? Take balls out of freezer and dip and coat in melted chocolate/candy melt and decorate with sprinkles. It was very easy and not too fiddly.

Now for the presentation. Pictures on the web showed them wrapped individually in clear bags with ribbon (cute for fetes etc) or stuck into other cakes (too much like hard work for me). I chose to arrange them in my favourite flowery teapot with some real roses to create the look of a bunch of flowers. I was really happy with the result but I am glad I took photos early in the night because we had filled the teapot with damp white sand and the moisture from the sand caused the lollipop sticks to bend. Next time I would get some styrofoam and use that.

They were absolutely delicious, easy to distribute,  and easy for little guests (especially a certain 2 year old) to gobble down.

The birthday girl was delighted!


5 Responses

  1. GORGEOUS! Sapphire turns 12 on 23/5 which will be the last day she spends in Australia for a while…

    …a day of sadness, nervousness, anticipation and excitement as we try and squeeze in a day at Luna Park with her soon-to-be-missed friends….

  2. It will be a time of fun, and nerves. You will all have the time of your lives at both Luna Park, and in Switzerland!

  3. Beautiful birthday girl much love and joy !! xxx

  4. I’d be delighted too! What a lovely celebration, it looked amazing. x

  5. Clever Mummy!

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