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High Tea

Miss e celebrates her tenth birthday tomorrow and we hosted 15 of her friends for High Tea on Saturday afternoon. I had so much fun designing and decorating the verandah, making it all pretty and flowery. It was pretty simple, hanging homemade tissue paper pom poms (courtesy of Martha Stewart’s easy directions), some flowery lanterns I bought cheaply a month or so ago, tiny vases of freesias and chrysanthemum’s, coloured glass water bottles ($2 each at K Mart), flowery table runners on white trestle tables, mismatched small crockery plates, and an assortment of tiered cake stands. Surround the area with all our pot plants and voila!

Miss e usually insists that her birthday party fall on, or close to, the date of her actual birthday. Given that this is usually in the middle of the holiday period, or the weekend of Easter, she often finds that a lot of her friends are unable to come. This year, with the holidays being so late, I insisted that she have her party on the first day of holidays and this proved successful.

The invite said to “wear your party dress and jewels” and join the party girl for High Tea. Most girls loved the idea of dressing up, some got their Mum’s to text me that there was no way they were wearing a dress! As a proven ice breaker, I had a table set up with  a craft activity planned. The girls glued squares of paper onto a canvass and then chose a paper silhouette to glue over it. They turned out really well. Miss e also set up a photo booth area with a box of dress up accessories for the girls to try.

And ten year olds still like a groovy game of Pass the Parcel. I wrapped the parcel with way too many layers, and miss e and miss i wrote notes for each layer. When  the music stopped, the girl holding the parcel unwrapped a layer and read the instructions and decided who to pass it to. For example, Pass to someone wearing green and Pass to someone doing the macarena. Every girl squealed with delight when the music stopped with them.

Miss i was asked to invite a friend and act as waitresses for the day. They both looked gorgeous in their black, short skirts and white singlets. The party girls enjoyed clinking their glasses and making requests of them, “please pour me some water.” They were very good humoured.

We used the opportunity for miss i’s friend to capture a family photo. Almost…

The birthdaygirl requested  her birthday cake resemble an oversized cupcake. We bought the two piece mould several months ago but after trying out the design I spent the next month trying to dissuade her. It never seemed to come together. On the day however, the party girls were delighted with the reult and all screamed “It’s a cupcake!” which made me feel better about the creation.

We had to relight the candles and sing Happy Birthday all over again so that master x could get in on the act. He is a real pro at blowing out the candles now.

With only five minutes to pick up time, the girls insisted that I play musical statues with them. The ‘ten year old’ version had them bopping to Pink and with each break in the music, they had to perform a pose directed by me. It was hilarious.

Miss e had the best day. She loved being surrounded by her friends and delighted in feasting on little morsels of yummy food. Her menu included party pies, sausage rolls, finger sandwiches, petit fours, mini cheesecakes with strawberries and blueberries, mini quiches, chocolate hearts, butterfly cupcakes and glasses and teacups filled with smarties, musk sticks and jaffas.

With only eleven days between my girls’ birthdays, I have always made the effort to make each one feel special. The cuddle I received from miss e once her friends had left, made me realise I had achieved this for her.


4 Responses

  1. What a beautiful young lady she is and her party sounds ….. perfect.

    It reminds me of what Sapph did last year, be it a bit more humble – http://blurbfromtheburbs.blogspot.com/2010/09/snappy-september-day-sixteen-ladies.html

    • Yes, I remember that post. They are of the age aren’t they? Insomnia? Commenting coming through at very early hour! I caught up on your fantastic news last night. How unreal to be going to live in Geneva!!!! So jealous I may have to unfriend you…..only joking. Your head must be spinning with ‘to do’ lists. x

  2. Absolute perfection. What a fabulous birthday party for a gorgeous 10 year old. Love. x

  3. How much effort did you go to? How fabulous did the whole thing look? Brilliant Vanessa!

    And your professional photographs are AMAZING! xx

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