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Weekly wrap up

I have been a little quiet for the last week. Feeling reflective and melancholy. We attended Simon’s funeral last Wednesday. As far as funerals go, it was beautiful. Simple and meaningful. Heartbreaking.

A group of about 12 couples, including Simon’s wife and children ended up together at a friend’s home after the wake. It was a bittersweet time, reflecting on our wonderful friend, crying over memories and spending special time with his wife. I drove her, and her children home late that night. To an empty house. It is all so sad.

My life goes on. We are in the last week of an 11 week school Term. A long, hot Term. We are ready for holidays. On Friday homme and I attended a Year 7 parents’ function. It was held at the home of some of the parents, a two storey limestone home in one of the most prestigious suburbs in Perth. I was keen to see behind the front hedges. Unfortunately we were hosted on the back verandah and were only to glimpse through the window to one room. The toilet available to us was on the back verandah also. In itself it was a talking point! The backyard toilet is larger than our bathroom/toilet combined and has a stone benchtop longer than our kitchen bench! To put this property in perspective, I went for a sticky beak at a home open for another home in the same street last weekend, on half the block size, and it is on the market for $5 million. Yikes! The family at this home are an accountant and pharmacist and she told us that basically this home was their financial goal. Good for them I say. The evening was a lot of fun and the people we met varied from sons and daughters of farmers, people who had gone to ‘average’ State High Schools, fly in, fly out miners, those born of privelege, a High Court Judge, a Professor of Biochemistry, a seamstress, teachers and more. And every person I spoke with was genuine and friendly.

Saturday night was a lovely, family, home night. I made a couple of curries and we ate and watched tv. Sunday afternoon my girls and I went op shopping and managed to find a 70’s inspired dress and cap for miss i to wear to her school Arts Festival to be held this Friday. Later we met with friends and had Japanese for dinner before watching a High School production of Grease. It kept my interest far longer than the last live stage show I recently saw!

Today I received a wonderful gift in the mail. The wonderfully talented Felicity Wilson invited five bloggers to participate in a Pay It Forward project. I put my hand up and today my gift arrived. It was so beautifully packaged:

When I opened it up, I found this gorgeous handmade card and envelope:

And this handmade embellishment:

I can’t wait to use it on a scrapbooking page, I only hope I can do it justice.

So, to uphold my end of this project, I am now looking for five people who would like a handmade gift to be sent to them, from me. If you put your hand up for a gift, you need to commit to sending gifts to five more people, hence the project’s name Pay It Forward.

Would you like a little gift to arrive when you least expect it? Perhaps to cheer up your day, as mine did today? Leave me a comment and I would be delighted to send my gift your way.


2 Responses

  1. I long for a gift of raw beauty… So sorry for your loss. Our friend passed away yesterday after a long struggle with bone marrow disease. 37, two young children… but my life goes on too. We are renting a house on the coast for the next week of school holidays; how my bones ache for some sea, salt and fresh air!
    BTW, one parcel arriving soon with all b’day gifts inside. Much love. x

  2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Simon. I know that I’ve never met you in person or him, but the blogging world is a powerful one and I’m all misty for you, for his wife, his children. How lucky that you all knew him for as long as you did!

    Love the pay it forward idea. Timing was perfect.

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