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How old are you?

We have had much joy in asking master x this question for the past six days. “Two,” he answers with these two fingers in the air. Too cute.

Yesterday he had his birthday party. We had talked about it all week and he had closely studied the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book and his beloved train cake. No pressure Mum.

So I was a little nervous about making this cake. I have been known to have very late nights mornings when I make novelty birthday cakes. Homme and I had a night out planned on Saturday night, so I had to put together this masterpiece on the morning of his party. Yikes. I must say that this recipe was pretty easy in the end. It all went to plan and the main time consuming thing about making it, was the decorating. Miss i assisted with assembling and I must say, it turned out pretty well. IfIdosaysomyself.

To say the birthday boy loved it is an understatement! We spent most of the party distracting him from sticking his fingers in the blue carriage. We had to bring forward the whole birthday cake celebration. Do you think he loved the attention, and the blue icing?

Although he has practiced all week how to blow out the candles, he piked out at the last minute and needed Mum to help.

Our little man got some really cool presents. He spent the early part of his party pushing around his little wheelbarrow from Granny and Grandad, spent time by the pool with his new tea set, would not put down his replica rubbish truck with its mini wheelie bins. Later he checked out his new dump truck (although he was not interested in actually opening the box until today). It would have to be said that the big boys at the party were most excited by the huge military set.

Finally I want to share the table decorations and party bags I made using my Cricut, to brighten up the party.

We didn’t manage a family photo (not without trying) on the day and homme flew out on the ‘red eye’ to Brisbane so we will have to reinact a photo shoot later in the week.

Only twelve days until the next birthday party….

4 Responses

  1. You should send those photos into the Women’s Weekly – they’d love them!

    Master two – awww, those beautiful blue eyes!

    That cake – brilliant!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful boy xxx I love the first photo in this post, can you email me a high res version? xx

  3. My Goodness…two! He looks so happy with the party joyousness. Much love and pressie in the mail. Love x

  4. Oh bless – but he didn’t stay 2 for long did he? Before we knew it he was telling us he was “flee”!!!

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