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Happy birthday TWO you

 It was 5am on Sunday the 29th March 2009 when my waters broke and I became excited that today was the day I was going to meet you.  At 11.15am you came into this world, your birth witnessed by your two big sisters. A boy. A beautiful and oh so pretty boy. Weighing 4.5kg you were the most perfect baby and we fell in love with you instantly.

How quickly these past years have flown. From an adorable, chubby baby, to an active toddler. You rolled from your tummy to your back at 6 weeks and there was no stopping you from then. Crawling at nine months and taking your first steps on the day of your first birthday. Today, all you do is run. We delight in seeing you stomp around the house, runnng with your knees high.

You have loved to be pushed in this car since you were seven months old. Now, you scoot around the courtyard yourself, zooming around the potted orange tree and often with passengers. Yesterday it was Lola, today two plastic carrots sat by your side on the seat. When you have finished driving, you park it between the potted gardenias.

You are my navigator in the car. You remember the journey each day and can describe the landmarks to both girls’ schools. You were disappointed that the roadworks had finished last week and exclaimed “Where are the trucks gone?” But as we drive you tell us where to see the train, the kites (kite surfers on the beach), where to buy chicken and chips (Red Rooster) and the carwash. When we are a block away from each school you can tell which school we are going to. You describe the girls’ ballet locations by the different playgrounds located at each school. You know when it is time to drive miss A to her kindy on Thurs mornings and assist her by pulling her wheely school bag up to her classroom.

You are an avid reader and have always loved your books. Your bedtime routine includes reading a book in bed and then singing two songs. We can then kiss you goodnight and walk out without a problem. My favourite time of the day however, is naptime when sometimes I choose to snuggle with you and watch you fall asleep. After  a morning of outdoor play you no longer smell like a sweet baby. You have a sticky, sweaty, boy smell, and I am addicted. I look at your bruised shins, the dirt under your fingernails (which seems permanent) and your downy, damp blonde hair. When I finally exticate myself from yout little bed, you always have a book tucked in under your arm.

Always with a mission in mind, you are happy to play in your own company, but take every opportunity to recruit your big sisters to assist in your games. Currently you love to play with miss i’s ipod touch and mostly listen to her Glee music. Your absolute favourite song is Empire State of Mind (or as you call it, Boo, Boo, Baa, Baa – and it certainly sounds like they are the last words of the song). You go into her room each morning and make your music request which is accommodated by her. You have always loved listening to music in the car. We have 5 cds in rotation, mostly singing nursery rhymes and kiddie songs. The Glee cd has made it’s way to the car also and you often like a break from The wheels on the Bus, to listen to something with more of a beat. You used to call the music “Goo” and this has advanced to “moo-goo”. Lately you simply say “Mum, moo-goo please” and “I don’t like this moo-goo Mummy” “Different moo-goo please” when it is time to change the song or cd.

For your birthday we gave you a Chuggington train set which you have played with all day.

You bring us endless joy master x. You have a special relationship with each of us and we all adore you. Wishing you the happiest birthday little man and we look forward to celebrating your birthday party on the weekend. xx


3 Responses

  1. Wow- 2 already and I can still remember you pregnant at assembly!!! Big high 5 to Master X.


  2. This post is so gorgeous! I just am amazed at how much he’s talking already. What a bright little button. Those last years just fly by when you have older children, so these moments are PRECIOUS!

    Enjoy your birthday celebrations on the weekend. xx

  3. Oh those photos are all so lovely and the one of the two of you together should be on a greeting card!Q

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