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All camped out.

Miss e went on her year 5 school camp this week. Three days in Busselton, by the sea.

To say she was excited was an understatement! Much lavender oil was needed to help her sleep for the five nights prior to camp leaving. On the big day, she was up and ready in a flash. Packed bags, fishing rod and sleeping bag were at the ready.

We missed her energy for the time she was away. I constantly checked on master x asleep alone in his room, big sister nowhere to be found. He asked each day if she was coming back from camp.

We met her bus, excitedly waiting to hear all of her news and to give her big hugs. She was the last off the bus, looking dirty, tired and disheveled. She was juggling all of her belongings from her backpack, her water bottle, book, pencils and hat.  She limped off the bus and I scooped her up for a hug and tossed all of her bits and bobs back into her backpack. We made our way to her suitcase and pillow noticing her gingerly walk on the heel which she hurt while participating in that morning’s fitness run along the beach. Her voice was hoarse and she spoke very little until we tucked her into the car.

At this point the tears streamed down her face. She was happy to see us but she was sore, exhausted and had a headache. Poor baby. She had held it together until she was inside the safety of the car. It seems miss j had kept them awake all night with incessant talking until “I begged her, please to stop.”

“Mum, I love you and I had the best time, but right now i just want to get home.”

By 5.30pm, she was fed, watered, showered and in bed with a panadol. Fast asleep.

Sweet dreams big girl. We missed you xx


One Response

  1. Oh, such a gorgeous photo! She’s so adorable when she’s asleep. Camps are exhausting business… but before the next camp, I bet she’s just as excited!

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