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Just keep running

I am hot and sweaty and feel GREAT.

I have just stepped off the treadmill and need to write my feelings down so that when I try and make excuses tomorrow I can read this post and remember why I need to just keep running.

According to my iphone it is currently 31 degrees celcius with the humidity at 40%. The hottest time of the day, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, it is the time that my almost-two-year-old sleeps so I have ME time.

And that has been an obstacle in my head this past week. In fact I have come across a lot of imaginary obstacles which I have had to find solutions for:

1.   I have found that if I don’t dress in my running gear when I get out of bed, then I have to negotiate with myself to change into running gear, knowing I will get sweaty, have to shower and get dressed again in pre-running gear.

2.  I much prefer to run with my earphones in listening to my favourite running playlist. I have tried connecting my iphone to the speakers on the treadmill but I get easily distracted and find myself thinking about stopping. With earphones in, I am absorbed by the music and play mind games like – Do not look at the time on the treadmill until the song has finished etc. So, if I allow myself to become distracted by housework or chores or blogging or emailing  before I have a run, then I stress that master x will wake up and I won’t hear him. I did this last week and ended up opening his bedroom door before I ran so that if he woke, he could wander out and not become distressed. I ended up waking him up in the process! This was solved by adopting the “How not to Parent” guidebook and sitting him in front of a Maisy dvd (in the middle of the day!) while I had my run. You see, treadmills and two year olds are not a good combination.

3.   I have even tried telling myself that these are my only two – ish hours to myself in the whole day. ME time. I should spend it doing what I want to do. Lazy me says “Go on get your scrapbooking gear out.” “You deserve it.” Well this is ME time and I need to spend it on me. Being the healthy, active me that I want to be. Scrapbooking can be done in the evenings instead of flopping in front of the tv.

I have been keeping a log on every run and walk I finish on the tready to see my progress in terms of speed and calories. Even though the thoughts creep into my head to “do it later”, I have achieved a run every third day with walks in between. I always feel great after it.

*photo from Mia at We heart It


One Response

  1. Love it! And it’s exactly what I should remember too. Thanks for the inspiration. Straight into my trackies and sneakers first thing tomorrow! xx

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