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Vintage? From my own wardrobe.

I am not a hoarder. It may evolve from the fact that my Dad was in the Army and we moved house A LOT during my childhood. I still get itchy feet after about 12 months in a home. Time to rearrange furniture, renovate or redecorate. Only since I started scrapbooking have I realised the importance of keeping the important stuff, the memories.  I am also a Virgo, yes I like my life organised. I also currently live in a very tiny home which does not allow for the luxury of keeping ‘stuff’.

There is one exception. I have an assortment of pretty dresses that I probably paid too much for, that I only have the very odd occasion to wear. They are squished into a drawer and I like to hold onto them, just in case the right event comes up.

On Friday, homme was presenting at an industry conference. He had been given the opportunity to invite me to accompany him to the conference dinner, at a lovely restaurant inPerth. Now I weighed up my options for awhile then decided that it would be a great opportunity to spend an evening with my man, at a lovely restaurant, and not pay a cent. I had a couple of my ‘vintage’ dresses in mind to wear and opted for this one given that the temperature at 6pm was still above 30 degrees.

I bought this dress 11 years ago from Ojay. I remember I was breastfeeding my firstborn and was feeling a little frumpy at the time. I have worn it a couple of times to lunches in the past few years, teamed up with my favourite high heeled, long, brown boots. This time I wore my most comfortable shoes ever which matched beautifully. (Didn’t think to photograph my handbag which matched the pinky colour in the shoes to a tee). I bought these shoes in 2008 when I spent three days in Paris. I was so overwhelmed with the shopping there (and the sizing of clothes) that I opted to buy myself a pair of shoes.  I am also so not a labels girl but I love these because they are  labelled Charles Kammer, Made in Paris inside the shoe! Anyway, as I said, they are the most comfortable shoe. I think they are made like a dance shoe.

I often overdress. Yep, homme and I went to a Cocktail party pre Christmas and I was the only person there in a LBD. Every other woman (homme’s work colleagues) wore the clothes they had worn to work (and the cocktail party was not at work). And none of his male colleagues had brought their partners. But I don’t really care about being overdressed. I like to dress up and think that so many people hit their 30s and just don’t care anymore.

So I did have a giggle when homme text me prior to my leaving home, and said it seemed the invitation to dress “smart casual” for dinner seemed to translate to “big fat beer gut, with polo top branded with their company logo”.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of the conference delegates had invited their wives to dinner and like me, these wives had taken advantage of dressing up for a lovely night out. We had a fun night.

*apologies for the last minute iphone photos taken my miss 11 years.

I am playing dress ups with the gorgeous Kymmie, check out her 50s vintage. Ooh la la!


3 Responses

  1. Oh, you look STUNNING! I love your dress, and those shoes FROM PARIS. Oh my! So glad you dress up when you can. I’m more an ‘over dresser’ too. And I’ve never regretted it. Glad you had a lovely time, and a wonderful excuse to get all fancy pants. So glad you linked up this week. What a stunner you are! xx

  2. And I just thought the pics were being all arful with the light behind you like that! Great job Miss 11!!
    Oh and stunning dress too – and those shoes (swoon!!)
    visiting from fancy pants 🙂

  3. You look gorgeous.

    I *hate* dressing up but, for some reason, can absolutely understand and appreciate that others do. It’s like being able to drool over high heeled shoes but not wear them.

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