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I jumped back onto the exercise horse.

Treadmill really.

My Dad brought his treadmill over last night for us to babysit for a few months. If you have followed for awhile, I completed the c25k app last year and just as I finished the program and ran for a total of 30 minutes, end-of-year life got in the way and I stopped running. It was really difficult with a toddler who starts his day any time from 4am, two school kids who have after school activities until 6.30pm four nights a week, and a husband who is out of the house for twelve hours a day, and writing a book on the weekends, to allocate time for me to escape during daylight hours to run.

So to say I am excited about the possibility to exercise while master x sleeps during the day is an understatement! We set it up on our side verandah last night and I washed the windows this morning in anticipation of admiring the view while I sweated.

I set up the ipod to the speakers of the treadmill, inserted a magazine in the magazine holder (for while I was walking) and programmed my run for week 6 run 1 of the c25k (it is a 9 week program). This involved running for 2 x 5 mins and 1 x 8 mins, with walks in between.

I welcomed my English narrator’s voice back and my running playlist and as I exercised I came up with a list of pros and cons about running on a treadmill vs the footpath:


Convenient use of time, while toddler sleeps within earshot, I can exercise.

No excuses when it is raining or blistering hot, not to exercise.

No fear of being attacked by a mugger when running earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

I don’t need to dress up to exercise. I can even ignore the vpl in my lycra running pants because no one will see.

Shower is close at hand and so is bed to collapse on when run is completed.


Magazine/book rack is a con in itself. When exercising, the magazine was more than an arms length from me and unless I buy large text books then there is no hope of reading the words. Think I will make up a sheet of inspirational pictures and quotes to stick there instead.

When running on my own steam I can easily adjust my pace to catch my breath but will need practice to work out speeds during run.

It was 32 degrees at midday while I was running, but at least I am in the shade and have a drink bottle at hand.

Wildlife. Yes, I was into my first 5 minute run when this waspy thingy as long as my thumb, decided to linger on the window pane directly in front of me. I was freaking out a bit and unable to run AWAY from it. I ended up jumping off the treadmill and grabbing one of homme’s gardening crocs to swipe it. It dive bombed me for a bit then hid under the fridge located next to treadmill.

The scenery didn’t change much. It felt fun though to know I could watch other people walk/drive past without them easily seeing me. Even next door had a tradesman working in their front yard and although he could probably hear Pink blaring away, the Albany Woolly Bushes prevented him from seeing me.

So all in all I think I like it. I liked mostly that I could see I had covered 4km in 32mins. I loved that hot, sweaty feeling exercise brings.

I am joining Lucy in her weekly Fat to Fit Blog Hop. Thanks Lucy.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve never run on a treadmill but am considering it for the depth of Winter.

    Another pro – at least where I run, no sometimes out, sometimes not nasty dog.

    Thanks for the low fructose advice, I think I might give it a go! Something’s got to give, that’s for sure!

  2. I LOVE my treadmill. Mine faces the tv, but there’s a sliding glass door just to the right in front of it . I’ve never opened the blind to look out the window while on the treadmill, but want to after reading your post. DUH! Why didn’t I think about opening it before?

    You can visit my Fat to Fit HERE

  3. Yay for you! My treaddie is being fixed up today (still under warranty but York haven’t exactly shone in the customer service/quick-to-get-back-to-you department), plus I have another four weeks until my Achilles wil be healed.

    The view can be boring, but that’s what your music and your mind is for. Solutions often popped into my head whilst on the treaddie.

    And yeah, the book holder thing is ridiculous – also, you’re moving your body (and your head/eyes) up and down too often to be able to focus on words.

    • Not much luck with electrical appliances in your house at the moment. Fingers crossed with your achilles. I will try the ipod earplugs today when I go for a power walk as they may help me zone out a bit better than surround sound.

  4. I haven’t used a treadmill. I reckon knowing how far you have run would be a great advantage – it is always a guestimate for me. I run early in the morning (dawn) or in the evening (dusk) and that keeps me sane. I hope it works out for you x

  5. I think a treadmill is the way to go. Everytime you see those Biggest Loser types they are pumping away on some sort of treadmill! If it works for them… x

  6. no fructose and a running machine better not leave it too long before I see you again or I won’t recognise you. Good to catch up last night 🙂

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