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Too Hot for Clothes

So, I wasn’t just imagining that we have experienced a hot Summer. Yesterday’s newspaper outlined the scorcher we are still experiencing.

March 1st and I am reading blogs welcoming Autumn. Perth doesn’t do Autumn well. Summer finishes sometime in May and the deciduous trees just seem to discreetly lose their leaves with barely a show of colour. It is almost like they are embarrassed by their lack of show really.

We are experiencing our 23rd consecutive day with the temperature above 30 degrees celcius. A total of 61 days during Summer with the temp above 30 degrees. Phew! What makes it worse are the hot nights. We just slept through our 13th night straight with the minimum being above 20 degrees celcius. Often the minimum is reached just upon waking when the sun rises to heat the day again.

So dressing up is not an option. I am playing along with Kymmie and her Fancy Pants with a common picture of me these past few weeks. In my bathers. These cuties are from Seafolly and have a 1940s cut to them. Cute and comfortable.


4 Responses

  1. Look at you rocking your cute little swimmers! x

  2. *blush* noone ever said I rocked in bathers – too kind!
    ps I read your post on setting things up to leave comments and as I am wordpress, I was wondering if it is straight forward or a pain to leave a comment?

  3. I love your bathers! You look gorgeous. I have to say I’m very impressed by your style (and how well you carry off a one-piece). And I’m a tad jealous about how much warm weather you’ve been having while today I wore a jumper. Did you hear that????

    Loving your style, and the fact that you’re joining in with Fancy Pants! xx

    • Picture is not clear enough while sitting down but it is a two piece with a cute little flare to the bottom of the top (?) I wish I could send you some of our heat! I browsed the airconditioned shops today and giggled at the cardigans and jackets coming into the stores. No need for those for some time yet. So cute though that I am tempted… I could do with your gorgeous strapless dress!

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