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Is there a Doctor in the House?

I am sick of the number 36. It seems every yesterday, every today and every tomorrow is 36. Degrees that is. I can usually cope well with a Perth Indian Summer but I. am. over.it.

The differences with our weather of late are the humidity associated with the temperature, and the absence of our dear and daily Summer friend, the Fremantle Doctor. We usually experience dry heat which you can find relief from when sitting under a tree by the river. There is nothing romantic or balmy about this humidity. It is oppressive, unrelenting, hot, sticky, suffocating.

 Usually we find relief in the late afternoon, when the sea breeze known affectionately as the Freo Doctor sends her cooling winds to our shores. Well it seems she is on holidays. Not a breeze to be felt in the evenings. No way for the hot, humid heat to be blown out of the house once the windows and doors are opened up to the evening. Our minima have been 24 degrees for so long now. Yes, compare our minimum perhaps to your maximum and start to feel where I am coming from.

It makes sleeping difficult. The ceiling fans and floor fans do their best to circulate the air but it is putrid, warm air being blown across our bodies. The littlest of bodies in our house has not slept through now for six nights. We are all getting cranky and emotional. All three children had bouts of emotional tears before 9am this morning. I decided as I was pulling into miss e’s school to keep her home with me for the day. She was tired and emotional and needed time out.

I can’t believe I have just written a whole post about the weather, what has life come to? And I am aware that I have nothing to bitch about when so many others both on our shores, and our close neighbours, are dealing with real crises but I just needed to download.


One Response

  1. Oh you poor love. Hot weather is unrelenting! Especially if there isn’t a cool change around the corner! As for us in Melbourne, I wouldn’t mind some more summer. We’ve barely had more than a week of hot weather. To the point where I’m bemoaning the fact that it’s almost autumn and we’ve missed out completely!

    And hence, now a comment about your weather post, purely and only about the weather!

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