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Weekend Getaway

We were invited to Ledge, a windy, coastal town about 2 hours north of Perth for the weekend. Our friends have friends who own a huge holiday house which easily slept all 16 of us. Yes, four families. We had to leave our poor homme at home so that he could continue to give his undivided attention to a certain book which is due at the publishers on MONDAY!!! He was sad to see us go, but appreciated the time to himself.

It was such a fabulous weekend. Seven adults and nine kidlets aged from 22 months to 12 years. The kids were so well behaved and got along famously. Parenting skills went out the window as we kicked back and got into the zone of ‘drinks on the balcony’. We can shamelessly admit that the kids (except 22 month old) retired to bed on Saturday morning. Yep 1205 am. Teach them to play together so beautifully and quietly in the downstairs bedrooms and let us forget that unless they are directed, the idea of putting one’s self to bed is not an option. Ooops.

It was in fact not windy at all, as this town is reknowned for. It was stinking hot as is the mantra of this Indian Summer. We four wheel drived onto the beach on Saturday morning for a swim and board in the choppy ocean. It was so refreshing and the kids had fun building sandcastles (and echnida enclosures – miss e – always outside the box), playing beach cricket, and boarding down the sand dunes. We were even visited by a couple of playful dolphins. Master x tired from his lifesaving duties after some time though.

Saturday afternoon saw us hit the front driveway for some serious cricket. Master 4 years and his sibling master 6 years brought all the gear and showed the bigger girls a thing or two about our national game. Many laughs were had, especially at the ‘unique’ bowling action of the Lion. Master x was introduced to the game as his Godmother assisted him with batting and running. He laughed hysterically every time they took off for a run. I’d share the video I shot on my iphone except that Mrs Lion shared a little too much cleavage everytime she assisted with the batting. And her cleavage is up to her to share on the web.

Post cricket, Mrs Woolie headed off to freshen up and returned all dolled up for cocktail hour. We giggled then realised her and hubby were seriously whipping up some Illusions. Yummy. A few cocktails later we appreciated the music and dance recital performed by the girls. We were entertained by flautists and violinists (who had not even realised that all the extra practice that had taken place to perform the recital was in fact that – music practice).

Another late night, another early morning for one. Yes, you guessed it, the mother of the toddler. After a bbq breakfast of bacon and eggs and avocado and toast and raspberries and… you get the idea, we piled into the two 4WD and set off to hit the sand dunes. Ten minutes into the drive we found a great sand face to descend and although the wind was crazy, causing the sand to exfoliate any exposed skin, the adventurous donned sunglasses or goggles and a boogie board to fly down.

It was a real challenge climbing up the sand dune after each descent but so much fun. After a while the sandblasting got a little too much and we all decided to get back into the cars for some more zooming around the sand dunes. Our car set off and moments later, the call for help was made over the walkie talkie from the second car. To sum up, it took over half an hour to dig out the bogged car and use the snatch to pull it clear. Lots of hard work for some, and laughs for others.

We arrived home with sand in every orifice, sore muscles and great memories. It was a great time with great friends.


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  1. You looked like you all had such a ball! Hope Homme makes his deadline. Very exciting!! xx

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