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Our Pool

We are experiencing one. long. hot. Summer. The first heatwave was experienced in November and it has barely cooled down since. This week I am especially grateful for our pool.

It invites many a friend over to splash around, young friends and not so young. I am grateful for less running around during holidays to provide entertainment and socialising expereinces for the older two, while master x snoozes during the day.

It provides after school fun and cooling down of frazzled school girls.

It provides hours of entertainment watching master x learn new aqua skills, imitating his crazy sisters who come up with endless games and animal dives for him to copy. I am grateful for no more toddler swimming lessons, less expense and less rigid routines. He has learnt all and more than the girls ever did in three years of inane splashing around and singing nursery rhymes in the over chlorinated local pools.

I am grateful for the opportunity to “nicky swim” under the stars before I retire to bed.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, I can’t quite believe we live in the same country as we’ve barely had a summer in Melbourne. In fact, I’m just about to go and put on a jumper. And I confess I’m a tad bitter about it. Fires of there, floods and rain over here.

    And a nicky swim sounds great! xx

  2. I’ve been grateful for our pool all Summer. Even the maintenance isn’t bothering me so much this year!! x

    • Our pool has only been in for two years and we opted for the top of the range filter and ph systems. It only requires the filters to be emptied every other day. I am grateful for that too, as it has become my job.

  3. We’re just at the tail end of renovations. I’ve mentioned the words “swimming pool” a few times in hope. So far no luck. I’d love one as well.

  4. It’s been so cool here in Melbourne this summer – barely a day over thirty and not even the lingering heat that February normally brings.

    Unlike your first commenter Kim however, I’m not sorry about it!

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