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It is only Day 4

and miss i has already signed up to audition for the School Production, signed up for debating, is joining the String Orchestra at 7am Monday mornings, is checking out the Jazz Band at 7am Friday morning, signed up to be a sacristan, and wanted me to drop her off at school for swimming training at 5.40am this morning!!!!

That’s our girl. Outgoing. A Participant. Sociable.

I talked her out of the swimming training only because I wanted to clarify some minor details for myself first. I am so impressed with her decision to sign up to be a sacristan (altar girl). The year 7s met with Father Toby on Tuesday and he talked them through religion in an Anglican School. Miss is relayed all of the information to me during our car drive home. She explained how Communion was taken, and that yes, as a Catholic she can be involved. Then she told me about the offer to be a sacristan. I was mildy surprised when she told me she had signed up. I enquired as to whether any of her friends had done so. No, they are not into religion Mum, but I just think it sounds like a fun activity to be involved with. I’d like to learn more about the Anglican faith.

Inquisitive, spiritual.

I was scrapbooking with a group of ladies on the weekend and was asked about the star signs of my children. When I commented that miss i is a Taurus, I got the usual response. “Oh, stubborn as a bull, I bet she is a challenge.”

No, she isn’t at all. I believe to date, her strength is her ability to stand strong on what she believes in and to not be influenced negatively by her peers.

Strong. Independant.


2 Responses

  1. “her strength is her ability to stand strong on what she believes in and to not be influenced negatively by her peers.”

    That is incredible and unusual and something to be very, very proud of. She sounds like a wonderful girl.

  2. That’s brilliant. I was always a joiner and I never really worried what others were doing. She will be very happy doing what she loves. x

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