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Silenced by sadness

I had so many things to write about this past week. I logged on last Saturday morning to share with you photos celebrating sixteen years of marriage with homme. Instead I learnt that a fellow blogger Lori was sitting by the bedside of her husband in intensive care. I prayed along with hundreds of other bloggers for a miracle which never happened.
I watched the tv and listened to the abc radio as thousands of families in Queensland and Western Australia lost their homes, their businesses and most sadly, their family members in horrific floods and fires.
I was overwhelmed with sadness. I donated money, I left heartfelt comments but I couldn’t write.
We left for our annual holiday to our magical island yesterday. I said a prayer to everyone experiencing pain and loss at this time, and emerged on our island renewed with a sense of hope.
This is our cherished family time to celebrate each other and to be grateful for all we have.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, I agree. Every time I posted, I kept thinking “Is this inappropriate, is this too inconsiderate?” So hard. Silence is sometimes better. I hope that we are less blue next week and there is a rainbow somewhere for us to enjoy (especially Queenslanders and Lori). Enjoy your family holiday together. xx

  2. I know, I’ve avoided putting any pithy comments up on Facebook and was dismayed at a friend-of-a-friend’s angry update: “Look, stop asking me if I’m OK – I don’t live anywhere near the floods!” Like, how annoying to have people from overseas who care about you – what a terrible problem to have!

    We’ve donated and tend to watch ABC News 24 more than any other channel now. Plus there are flood-affected areas in Victoria and poor old WA is still suffering from a drought and bushfires!

    To cap it all off, my sister-in-law was rushed to hospital with what they thought was a stroke but ended up being Bells Palsy…..

    I think I’ll go give Sapphire and Love Chunks a few hugs now…

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