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Movie melancholy

Homme and I went to our local outdoor movie cinema last night. Aaaaahhh, Summer. It was a spur of the moment decision as Social Network was playing and we really wanted to see it. At first we were going to drag the kids along, but miss i was less than interested, so I asked how she would feel about being paid to babysit miss e and master x. She was more than happy. I was reluctant given she is only 11 but being as we were only ten minutes away and I had checked the neighbours were home, I gave her the opportunity. I must say, all went well on the home front.

I really enjoyed the movie. The dialogue in the opening scene was breathtaking and had me sitting up in my seat, so as not to miss anything. I was fascinated by the process as to which Facebook came to be, but left feeling very sad for Mark Z and his purpose for creating it, and how empty his life seems to be (according to the movie), in spite of it. The irony of it being a networking site. I am still pondering the movie today.

I have never been a huge fan of Facebook and although I have a page (not updated since creating it), it leaves me feeling cold. Which is why I decided to blog instead. I am so not interested in reading that someone is having a “blast” on a date with their husband, while they are on the date! Creepy. I am much more interested in reading someone’s thoughts on a topic, or a more descriptive enrty about their day, good or bad, than hearing how fabulous everyone on Facebook’s holiday, life, family, etc is. I mean seriously, does anyone have bad hair days on Facebook?

Homme and I couldn’t help but notice many similarities in character to the portrayal of Mark Z, and that of Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory. And we LURV Sheldon!

How sad though, to think that such an amazing mind can lack the connections of friendship and love.

But aside from all of that, I love outdoor movies on balmy Perth nights.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, the movie sounds so interesting. I’ve heard good things about the movie and so, after reading your blog, must go and see! I love movies, but it’s so rare that we get to go to them… but anniversary is up next week. Perhaps an excuse to go?

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