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1.1.11 Happy New Year!

Happy birthday to me, or my blog at least. Exactly one year ago today I started this little blog with no idea where it would take me. I have written 104 entries about our lives, recording everyday moments that are important to us. During the year I have met online blogging friends who have allowed me into their lives and left me some lovely comments, confirming that some people out there actually follow me. I have had the opportunity to keep my sisters, who both live interstate, up to date with our goings on and with photos. I just wish they would start one of their own so that I can have weekly fixes of my nieces and nephews. Oh, and you too J, so I can watch your princesses grow up.

Initially I thought I would use it more as a tool to display my scrapbooking pages, but I have noticed that over the last six months I haven’t shared that many layouts. I know that this is because I don’t scrapbook for any reason other than to keep our family photos and memories stored in a beautiful medium, I am not so much interested in being published for my style or techniques.

I still have so much to learn about the whole blogging thing. Homme bought me a subscription for The Artful Blogger for Christmas and I can’t wait to get my first copy in the mail. I am determined to make the effort to learn some of the technical tricks needed to keep things interesting. The first thing I am going to learn is how to change my font and colour, and how to insert words which are in fact links to other great sites.

I am pretty good at keeping my favourite blog sites up to date on the right hand side of my page -> As I find more which are interesting, I add them here.

I reread my first blog last night and I am so happy we have this journal to look back on, with all of its colourful pictures and all. It is such a great way to keep track of all the stories I want to record with my photos when I get around to scrapbooking them. My word for 2010 was Journey and I have often reflected on this word during the year. I am more relaxed about ‘stages’ the kids go through knowing it is all part of the journey of growing up, I have been less frustrated about the halt to our renovating knowing that our journey was given a large detour when we welcomed another baby into our home, and homme needed to spend every spare moment writing the book he is having published. Even small things like tripping over toys all day don’t seem so annoying when I think of the word and remind myself that life is a journey and not ever completed. Make sense? Hmmm, maybe. Sadly I was reminded of the word Journey and its end at the three funerals we attended in 2010. A 34 year old cousin who followed her dreams to explore the world and made a difference in the lives of many, a 70 something year old Uncle who left his wife suddenly after a heart attack, a 41 year old friend who lost his five year battle with cancer and left behind his wife and three young daughters. And most poignantly, the word journey has kept me awake at nights as I contemplate the death sentence hanging over our 41 year old friend’s life as he and his wife struggle with the knowledge that this will be his last year. What journey would I take with that knowledge?

This year my word is Create. I will continue to create memories for my family in all of the activities we do together, have a creative outlet through my photography, gardening, and scrapbooking, and the biggest task of the year is to plan and create the design for our Big Renovation – adding a second storey to our home. I want to spend the year finalising the plans, sourcing the materials and planning the interior design. I am in the right mental space and ready to tackle it.

The first day of January is always a little melancholy for me as I reminisce and reflect about the year past, and think about the year ahead. I am not big into Resolutions but I do think of all the spokes on the wheel of my life and how I can continue to grow as a person. Health, wealth, spirituality, education, friendships, relationships….

I have some ideas which I will be sharing with my family soon. It should be a great year.

Today we welcomed the New Year with a brunch of  bacon, eggs and croissants and then a trip to the beach.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations!

    I am one of your ‘followers’ and, like you, use my blog as a way to look back on key events in my life – even when shrouded in silly entries and photos – they all trigger memories and ideas.

    Here’s to 2011 and more of your blog!

    • Oh thanks Kath. It was hearing you on Perth ABC with Bernadette that inspired me to first check out your blog and then start my own. I have that “followers” thing on my To Do List to figure out what it means. Happy New Year!

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