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From this……to this…..


Until today, this was master x’s corner of the world. Being a surprise inclusion to our family, we borrowed a cot his cousins had outgrown. He didn’t routinely sleep through the night until he was 17 months old. His day sleeps have always been more dependable and at 21 months he now happily kisses everyone “Goodnight” when bed time arrives.

Today I made the decision to mix things up – what! am I crazy? He has become such an independent little man who refuses to sit in his highchair, won’t use a sipper cup and much prefers a regular cup, wants to sit in his big sisters’ seats in the car ( I won’t negotiate on that one!) and generally wants to be like a big kid. So I wondered how he would go sleeping in a toddler bed. Homme was very excited about the idea and quickly got it down from the studio attic. Part of me was already missing my baby and his cot. My incentive was our annual Summer holiday at Rottnest which we will be having in a couple of weeks. With everything we have to ferry over there, I am keen to not have to worry about a porta cot.

So, at lunchtime today we went through our bedtime routine; kisses goodnight for all and a story in his little armchair. Two songs and it was time to lay him in his bed. I sit with him and hold his hand for a few minutes then say my goodbye. And…three hours later he woke up. I love it when a plan comes together!

I know, too cute!


One Response

  1. Gorgeous boy! Like our lily he streaks ahead wishing to be ‘big’. Slow down x! Xxx

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