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Christmas Collage

The antibiotics have kicked in for miss e, after another long night of interrrupted sleep. Her temp stayed over 39 degrees even with paracetamol and this meant she was freezing one hour and boiling the next. I have to love her beautiful spirit though, at lunchtime today she had not been out of bed long when she said, ” One benefit of tonsillitis is that it is not contagious so I can still cuddle my gorgeous baby brother.”

Given that it is New Years Eve, I had better end the year with some photos taken over the Christmas period. I took barely any on Christmas Day as it was one of those classic Perth 40 degree days. We exchanged gifts at home with master x being less than enthusiastic about the whole Santa thing. He was happy to read the first book he opened (under duress) and not worry about any more presents. The girls were more than happy with their gifts and especially loved what Santa bought – a four day writing course for miss i and a four day art course for miss e.

Thanks Aunty t, this was a winner.

We met with 25 of homme’s extended family and sat under a tin pergola at a long table on the cement driveway. Plastic christmas tablecloths decorated the trestles. We sat in plastic chairs and sweated through a delicious lunch of cold leg ham, turkey and the traditional sliced tongue. The variety of salads were amazing and of course the homemade pudding, made by homme’s Mum, was as delicious as ever. We chatted with cousins homme only sees at Christmas and were fussed over by his elderly aunts.

We needed a reprieve from the heat, and stopped by home on our way to homme’s parents home in Mandurah, with his sister’s family, for a much needed swim. After we had cooled off, we headed to Mandurah for three relaxing days on the canals. Our kids were in heaven playing non stop with their ‘country cousins’. They entertained us with a science fair where we learnt about forces, underwater volcanoes and the science of light.

They kept cool during the heatwave with water pistol fights:

Given my lack of photos I insisted on a self-timer shot of everyone present. This was the best of the lot.

Our Christmas break was filled with laughter, wine, great food (got to love Bermuda Cafe!), watching boats and dolphins pass by on the canal, evening walks to view the Christmas lights, eat at the marina, visit the playground, Uncle P’s gingerbread house, mattresses spread over the house and kid’s laughter.

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