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Christmas Layout

I have a Santa Photo taken every year. Since miss i was born, so that is twelve in total so far. Luckily for me the girls still love having it taken, and now with a toddler again, they may be involved for another 12 years!

We headed off to our local shopping centre last Saturday, on a mission. The plan was to leave home at 8.45am, arrive at 9am when the shops open, park the car at the carpark handwash to have it detailed inside and out while we shopped, have Santa photo taken, shop with the girls until 11am when we would leave to have master x in bed by 11.30am.

I took the time to explain all of this to the girls the night before. They were keen and understood that timing was an issue. They asked about their clothing colour ( I try and blend with the Santa decor) and went to bed ready to tackle the shops the next morning.

Saturday moring arrives and the girls get dressed and ready to be on the road, with pocket money at the ready. I dress master x and we head off on schedule. We park the end-of-school-term-feral-car at the cleaners and save ourselves the issue of finding parking. We arrive at Santa’s chair at 9am but notice the chair is empty. He won’t arrive until 10am. Oh well, let’s start shopping and then have our photo later. At 9.10am I look into the pram which is unusually quiet and notice master x is fast asleep!!! Seems I forgot to include him in the Santa Photo brief.

Oh well. It worked out just fine. The girls and I had a great time shopping and finalising presents while he slept soundly. We attempted the photo session after he had been asleep 1 1/2 hours and secretly I hoped he would transfer into Santa’s arms still sleeping. No such luck. He woke startled and was not interested in a photo. We left the scene and he fell asleep again for another hour. We shared lunch in the food court and then decided to brave the queue again to get the much prized photo. Master x was a little too easily distracted and not so interested in sitting still for a photo but gratefully there was no screaming or tears. So the above photo is this year’s Santa Photo which I scrapped today.

*(Please excuse the iphone photo of the layout but my camera card is in miss i’s camera at her friend’s house.)


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