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Cards in the Post.

Most years I make my own Christmas cards. Compared to the  shop bought ones, it is an expensive exercise. It is also labour intensive but for the past few years miss i and miss e have become involved and we often start making them in the September school holidays. This year the girls whipped up their own in the second last week of school when there was no more homework to be done.

This year I found the most gorgeous pop-up cards in a local bookstore, packaged in a lovely tin box. I decided to spend the money, and have used them to send to my nearest and dearest. Actually Christmas is really the time to catch up with those friends who live on the other side of the country, or overseas, or even in your own city, but whom you rarely see.

I love receiving Christmas cards. With emailing, texting and phoning, the hand written letter or card is a rarity. My mailbox seems to be an inbox for bills for eleven months of the year. So I delight in seeing a handwritten envelope. I love to receive the “group” letter from friends I rarely see, to catch up on their year. I have been guilty of writing them myself and hope I have never offended anyone reliving what our family has been up to. This year I am a blogger so I have handwritten the card, and for the families who would normally receive a typed up letter, I have given them my blog address to choose for themselves whether they would like to stickybeak into our lives.

For my closest of friends who live far away, I include our Santa photo. I love to see photos of their children growing up too.

We hang the cards we have received along a Christmas trim I have mounted along a wall. Already it is bursting with cards, but only one of them is for us, as a family. The other 50 or so are from kids’ classmates. With only ten days to go until Christmas, I am wondering if, like me, everyone else is still finalising all there is to do for the Big Day? Or has the trend towards posting Christmas cards declined? I only completed writing mine today and have put the last few in the post box this morning.

I think writing cards is a special way to make contact with friends and Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to do this. I much prefer it to the group email or worse still, the group text on Christmas Day.


3 Responses

  1. I think a handmade Christmas card is like a gift. I keep all the ones I receive and my girls enjoy looking at them from time to time. T

    Yours are lovely! And the pop-up cards… well, how could you go past them!? x

  2. I love your cards. They are beautiful and unique. Just from you. I’m a little sad as I haven’t had the time to make mine like I do every year, but I’m still positive that I can make a few before next Saturday! xxx

    • Be kind to yourself! You have had a frantic past week and now have a family of sickies including yourself to care for. Remember I actually bought mine in the end, the hand made ones were made by my girls.

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