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Kids’ Christmas Party

Homme’s workplace invited us to join in the fun at the annual Kids’ Christmas Party held at the Perth Showgrounds. It is a corporate event which had 50 or so workplaces big and small involved. Basically it meant that we enjoyed free entry to the showgrounds, a visit from the jolly and very friendly fat man in the red suit who dished out presents, unlimited rides, waterslides, animal petting areas, a Big Top which housed acts from the Ashton Circus, and our corporate area included a well catered bbq lunch.

Today was hot. We headed off with sunscreen, hats and copious bottles of iced water. We parked across the road from the Showgrounds and found our tented area. Master x was fascinated by the animals in the petting area, counting the rabbits and admiring the piglet and calf. He had no desire to actually enter the small cage though and was more than happy to observe through the fence.

We sat under the shade of a tree and greeted Santa who arrived on a golf cart with his trusted assistant, a pretty fairy girl (?) who earnt her keep by making balloon bracelets. The gifts for homme’s workplace were given out alphabetically so we waited patiently for the ‘S’es to be called up. Master x was too interested to learn what lay beneath the Christmas paper to worry about thanking Santa, but miss e and miss i had a good chat and funky three way handshake in appreciation. Miss e received a kit of beads and miss i received a glider/kite. Master x was delighted to find a very loud drum playing/ light flashing/spinning around the ground/Winnie the Pooh toy. We have never seen him take to anything with such gusto (unless it is a book). He watched it endlessly and would only pick it up to kiss it and cuddle it as it continued to drum and screech away.

After a scrummy lunch of tender steak, marinated chicken kebabs, potato salad and garden salad with icy water, we made our way to sideshow alley to test out some rides. Master x napped in his pram while the girls and I terrified ourselves on the Ghost Train. I joined them for a ride on the Big Swing and spent the whole time telling myself off for being so irresponsible as to risk leaving my children motherless should I find that my swing came loose and I found myself flying to my death.

The Big Top was next on our list. We have only ever taken the kids to see Cirque du Soleil and I have never been a fan of circuses, but given that this was a freebie, no animals were involved, and I have just finished reading Water For Elephants, my curiousity was piqued.

Unfortunately the 1000 seats were all occupied. We found ourselves in the standing room only area but the girls were in the front row so homme and I took the pram to the back and observed all the action that took place above head height. It was fun. We were terrified for the men on the Wheel of Death, amused by the juggler, awestruck by the two trapeze artists and freaked out by the freestyle motorcyclists. So much so that miss e came to join us in the back to the tent to say it was too scary to watch. Master x had woken by this stage and he was not impressed either so they ventured out of the tent until it was over.

Lastly we went to the little kids’ rides located in the airconditioned pavillion. Phew it was hot and sticky, so this was a relief. Master x was so excited by all of the car and plane rides. It took a lot of patience and understanding on his part as to the whole idea of waiting for the ride to end before we were allowed to have a go. Once on, you couldn’t take the smile off his face. I am sure he was the only 20 month old on the rides! Luckily for us miss e could squeeze her long legs into the plane to ride with him. There were also a couple of rides in this area that appealed to the girls so everyone was kept entertained.

After a long day we dragged ourselves back to the car feeling hot, dusty and very content. We washed away the day with a long swim in the pool and relived the fun. We all decided that it was so much better than actually attending the Royal Show as there were much less people and the day cost us NOTHING!


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  1. What a great idea! I love this. Definitely worth the effort to organise such an event. And I can’t imagine going to the showgrounds with that few people. Must have been a delight!


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