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RIP Jonesy

In 1990 I attended my Subject 1 for Corporal Course. I was a soldier in the Army Reserve and was keen on being promoted to Corporal. During this two week course I met my future husband, and some other very dear friends. One of these guys was Jonesy. He was good fun. With his mate Carl, they made me laugh. My most memorable time was sitting around in the bush waiting for whatever it was next to happen, when Jonesy, Carl and I were throwing pebbles at each other to pass the time. We must have been on some tactical exercise because I remember we were positioned about two metres from each other and had to stay silent. As each of us randomly threw pebbles at each other we would try our hardest not to giggle when it hit our target. I wasn’t the most accurate shot but I finally made contact on Jonesy’s arm, and cracked the glass on his watch! His laughter quickly turned to disbelief when he realised what had happened. Carl and I laughed harder at his reaction.

On reading this, it doesn’t sound at all funny. But when you understand the situation of spending hours lying in silence in the hot December, fly ridden heat of the Bindoon bush wearing camouflage cream, the same cams, socks and underwear you arrived in three days earlier and having to stay silent and still while putting into practice ambush tactics you have learnt as part of this course, the silliest moments to pass the time make for the fondest memories.

I only knew Jonesy through our contact in the Army Reserve. My husband knew him better as they were in the same Unit. He was tall, blonde and had a great sense of humour.

Yesterday I attended Jonesy’s funeral. He died at the age of 41 after a five year battle with cancer. He died a husband, and a father to three daughters. He was a police officer employed with the E learning unit of the Police Academy, having completed his Masters.

His wife read his eulogy with grace and compassion and a deep love for her husband. She told me of a man I had not spoken with for 15 years. He was a man I wished I had kept in contact with.

It feels like yesterday that we shared laughs in our cams, goodbye Jonesy.


One Response

  1. Oh, too young to die! I find these sorts of funerals the most sad. Young children, a loving wife. So many tears to cry… xx

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