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It is the day after the annual ballet/jazz concert, and any Mum with kids who dance can tell you that it is today when you fall into a heap with a huge sigh of relief!

The month leading up to the concert involves many long rehearsal sessions, part dress rehearsals, full dress rehearsals, makeup and hair included. It involves nights of costume making and prop assembling.

And every year I walk away from the concert amazed at how both the dance teacher and the students pull off such a fantastic show! Our girls attend a dance school which is quite small in comparison to some, and has a lot of junior dancers. Their dance teacher always uses the end of year concert as an opportunity to showcase a ballet production. It is quite spectacular how she manages to get 4 year olds involved in a ballet production involving prop changes, costume changes and dancers coming and going from the stage.

This year the performance was Thumbelina. Miss i was fortunate to be given the lead role of Prince Cornelius, the love interest of Thumbelina herself. She was on and off the stage throughout the performance and had both a duet with Thumbelina, and her first solo performance.

Her jazz role involved her changing into a frog outfit in a time frame of 40 seconds, with the help of two other girls undressing and dressing her.

As you can see at this dress rehearsal, the quick change resulted in crazy frog eyes!

She also performed a ballet number dressed as a horse. The girls were less than impressed by the brown unitard costume but it looked spectacular on stage.

Miss e broke her arm two weeks ago. She also had three costumes and dances to perform but there was no way she could manage her jazz dance with its cartwheels and acrobatics, or her milking maid number with character skirt twirling and pirouettes. She was left to dance her snowflake dance with one arm in a sling. Her dedication was evident in the past couple of weeks, attending all of the rehearsals, some for three hours, to perform for just two minutes each time. She never complained and remained positive to all of her classmates.

And after four years of dancing lessons, and concerts, she was rewarded with the trophy for her Grade 3 ballet class!

These photos are taken at a dress rehearsal because none can be taken during the actual performance but we wait for the professional dvd with anticipation as it is always so much fun to watch the performance with the girls.

I won’t know what to do with myself this week with NO after school activities for the girls. Of course it is that time of year, and we still have school activities in the evenings three nights this week.


4 Responses

  1. Lovely pics and you’re right – there are a lot of families out there who are now breathing a sigh of relief that the end-of-year dance concert rehearsals – and the real thing – are finally over!

    Lovely photos – Miss e’s attitude is extraordinary and for miss i to be the lead – you must be feeling rather proud of them both.

    For us, it’s been tennis – thankfully no ‘rehearsals’ but Saturday was the last time we had to front up to a court on the other side of the city by 8:30am. I am looking forward to a sleep in next weekend.

    • Always proud Kath. Yes, we try to avoid the weekend early sport thing. One advantage of the girls choosing weekday dance over weekend team sport. They are now in the swing of Surf Lifesaving at Cottesloe Beach which is only 10 mins away.

  2. Oh enjoy your week free of madness. The photos are great, and your girl looks so lovely – even in her brace. xx

  3. Fantastic! I can’t believe she did all that with a broken arm. You must be so proud of both of them. They look beautiful. x

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