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Norovirus Strikes its Third Victim

During the second week of the school holidays, miss e came down with gastro. It turned out to be norovirus which means she had fevers and chills combined with never ending trips to the loo, and the most horrid abdo pain. Most of the symptoms subside after 48 hours, with the diarrhoea lasting five days. I had her quarantined for the whole time making for a less than fun holiday week.

Five days later master x came down with identical symptoms. Poor baby slept with me for two nights as he shivered under the doona. He had no idea what was going on in the nappy dept and had the sorest bot-bot. His bout lasted seven days.

I was getting nervous about embarking on our trip to Melbourne for miss i’s school trip. What if we were contagious? What if we came down with it on the trip?

We were fine. Until five days after landing back in Perth. Then it hit me. I thought I was dying! The abdo pain was second only to late stage labour pain. In fact the moaning that accompanied it reminded the girls of me actually being in labour. In 32 degree heat I was curled up in my winter jammies under the doona with a hot water bottle for company. Yuk. My bout lasted five days also.

Hence my absence. I have barely had a chance to read my favourite blogs, let alone write anything. And I have so much to share. Life is crazy busy here trying to get on top of everything after our trip to Melb and then being sick, making last minute dance costumes for the first dress rehearsal tomorrow (I am about to finish sewing 4 more milkmaid aprons), preparing for miss e’s First Holy Communion on Sunday and Bam!! miss e fell of some school play equipment yesterday and BROKE HER ARM!

We watched the Melbourne Cup in the Emergency Dept of Princess Margaret Hospital. Four hours later it was confirmed she has fractured her humerus just above the elbow. So, no dance concert for this one armed bandit (darn those completed and not to be worn costumes!), no surf lifesaving, no violin, no swimming (sorry Melbourne followers but today is 36 sunny degrees). She has her arm in a collar and cuff which means tops have to be worn over it.

Panic! Pretty, white, Holy Communion dress to be worn this Sunday! Ganny to the rescue. We will undo a seam at the shoulder, slide the dress under the broken wing, and resew her into it for the morning.

She is such a brave little thing. She kept saying “I don’t think it is broken Mum, it doesn’t hurt that much.”

As the doctor eased her arm into position to sling it, the tears rolled down her cheeks. My poor baby. She slept well with the aid of nighttime painstop which was a blessing. We are quickly adapting to life with one arm. Tissues by the toilet, rinsing cup by the toothbrush, larger t shirts borrowed from big sister. Appointment with orthopods next week but doctor said yesterday that she may be in this sling for up to six weeks. Thinking the novelty will be well worn by then!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, you poor things. Late stage labour? That’s not good. And a fractured arm. Poor pumpkin. You’re completely forgiven for not blogging earlier. What a wonderful excuse, but such a shame for you. Holidays ought to be nicer than that. (And please don’t brag about your warm weather – Melbourne has been far from pleasaant!) Hope your household gets through this hard stage. xx

  2. Bloody ‘ell! Your absence is entirely forgiven and it sounds like you all deserve a gold star or ten….

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