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I did it, and live to blog it!

If you are still following my rambling, disjointed not-as-frequent-as-I-would-like posts, then you will remember that I am working my way through the c25k running app. Homme and I are doing this together.

We have completed fifteen runs. The program has you running three times per week with two days off between each week of running. It is such a cool app, with a lovely English lady interrupting your ipod music to tell you when to run, when to walk and giving you the occasional word of encouragement.

Usually each three runs in a week are the same. Week five was different. First run of the week, we ran 3 X 5 mins with power walking in between. Homme and I were apart for the weekend, and I set off for the second run by myself. I was psyched to repeat the last run, but as I turned the app on, Miss England informed me I was going to be running 2 X 8 mins. What the? I did a double check that I had not skipped a run then took off a little nervous that I would struggle with this run. I didn’t. I set off in one direction and decided that for this run, I would turn around and head home when Miss England informed me I was half way. I got so distracted by my surroundings, my freedom, and the great soundtrack I was listening to, that I made a wrong turn and found myself walking 15 minutes extra at the end to make it back to my start point. I never imagined that I would run for 8 mins twice and not have my head telling me nasty things about how I couldn’t do this. It was great.

Yesterday was the third run for week 5. This time I had to run for 20 minutes non stop!!! Homme is holidaying, oops I mean working, in Broome and I told him to text me when he had run to give me the details. It was the last day of school holidays so I booked myself in for a 4pm run around our local park, while the girls played with master x on the swings and slide.

Miss e and I  power walked with the pram, while miss i Ripstikked (?) to the park. Then I took off, running laps around the playground. It used to be a Trotting Raceway and the racetrack has been made into a park, with an oval shaped footpath surrounding it. The first lap was definitely the hardest. It takes a good two minutes for my muscles to warm up. The first lap took me 2 mins 20 sec but every lap after that took me two minutes to complete. My car odometer tells me each lap is about 350m. I completed 9 1/2 laps which is 3.3km. Whoo hoo, I did not stop once. I did not walk once and not once did I hear that annoying voice in my head tell me it was too hard. Because it wasn’t.

I have always wanted to be a runner, and I am well on my way. I look forward to each run and the challenge that it brings. I think ahead about  my week and how the runs will fit in. For the first time in a long, long time, I am packing my running gear tomorrow for my flight to Melbourne on Thursday. Can you imagine?

I was gazoomped by my friend Elke last night when I heard that she had completed a half marathon. Well done Elke and David! Watch this space…….


3 Responses

  1. Yay you! It’s quite an achievement to get running. It’s one of my spring goals, but I haven’t even stepped out for my first attempt. I think you’re my inspiration!

  2. You’ll be surprised just how much farther you can run each time, honestly. Well done for keeping it up!

  3. Thanks so much Vanessa. I was happily surprised at myself and it is amazing how you can just keep going when you have a goal in mind. My body was trying to stop at mile 11 though and thankfully David was there to hold my hand literally!! He took me by the hand and said “come on, you can do this!!” I am so proud now and you will be too. Maybe we can run together somewhere in Perth when I return?! Perhaps a city to surf!!! Keep up the good work – it is so rewarding.

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